Beauty on the go!

Beauty on the go!

Life is busy enough! From your regular day to day work life, family schedules, running a business, running your household and then add a trip? Somedays I feel like I am scrambling all day (side note, that is why I try to exercise first thing in the morning and now 3-4 minutes of mindful mediation….) but as my good girlfriend and I check in with each other and ask,  “are you having a scrambled egg day or a sunny side up day?”.  Some days you take your make-up in the car, or only have 5 minutes to put any on at all. Often, we need to touch up throughout the day and then there are those day to night events that require extra attention.

When I discovered, Wander Beauty, I had too many products in my purse, my carry-on when I travel and now I have multi-taskers from that solved many of my problems.

With cleverly named product like “staycation”, “double date”, “on the glow”, “mile high club” and “baggage claim”, just to name a few; their double-duty, multi taskers like highlighter and bronzer in the same brush you save time, space and money! That is a 100 percent win for me! These clean beauty essentials are for where you wander and wanderlust! Their ingredients work with your skin to achieve maximum benefits with time saving technology to suit all of our needs.

Wander Beauty is also one of my favorites as they are a one stop shop for not just make-up but skin care and hair care too! Many of their products are multi award winning, and their female founders, Divya Gugnani (with whom I recently had the pleasure of conversing with on my Speaking STELLARGIRL podcast) and Lindsay Ellingson have proven to their cult clientele and the 30 plus beauty award winning products that they are here to stay! I can’t wait for their next genius minded beauty kits for all of us who are having a “scrambled-egg” day!!!


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