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STELLARGIRL - a guide for women to learn how to self-celebrate, champion their successes and achieve fierce self love.
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Our mission
STELLARGIRL – a guide for women to champion themselves, embody self-celebration and cultivate fierce self love.
STELLARGIRL’S vision is to change the narrative by guiding women to unapologetically celebrate our successes.
STELLARGIRLS elevate their style, wellness and mindset by incorporating self-celebration practices into their lifestyle and owning their self worth.
STELLARGIRS seek new experiences and adventures as fuel for inspiration to  re-ignite their spirit.
STELLARGIRLS are passionate and we rise together with confidence, positivity and kindness. We aspire to achieve progress and growth every day, be it a micro change or a major win!
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STELLARGIRL Co-Founder Teri Tkachuk

MEET STellargirl Co-Founder Teri Tkachuk

Teri attributes her inner STELLARGIRL to the relentless pursuit of an extraordinary and adventurous life.  Like many women, Teri’s values were formed from life lessons — some hard-won, some immensely rewarding — but all contributing to her own STELLARGIRL journey.

Teri grew up with a spirited, global perspective thanks to parents who taught her that beyond their home in a small prairie city in Saskatchewan, Canada, a world of possibilities and wonder awaited. Her early adventures found her traversing North America and Ukraine as a folkloric dancer. She went on to earn a BA majoring in languages and speaks English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian.  She has lived in nine cities across North America, re-inventing herself each time to align with her belief that doing what you love with people who uplift you personifies a stellar life.

Teri’s world travels have taken her to over three dozen countries throughout Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and Europe and they all have taught her that women living in different cultures and countries have much more in common than not.  In her career, that belief motivated her to support women from all walks of life as they reach for their own “gold.” She’s held positions as a fashion editor, a television style host, a wardrobe stylist, a fitness and commercial print model, a personal trainer, and bolstered superstars during her tenure in talent management.

Living boldly has inevitably offered challenges to Teri, but she soared above them with the support of friends and family who propelled her forward. She wants the same for STELLARGIRL – to create a community that celebrates and supports women who aspire to be extraordinary.

Today, Teri lives and works from Wisconsin with her true love and their four children.  She is an entrepreneur, model, charity advocate and, as co-founder of Stellargirl, a champion of women who strive to live their individual “stellar-ness” through truth, strength, laughter and compassion.

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