Brand Name

We're on a mission.

Stellar is a state of mind.

  • Stellargirl is a mindset that encapsulates and encourages all women to allow stellar versions of themselves to shine through. By creating a platform to tell aspirational stories of women and girls of all ages, we are producing a voice that is authentic, bold, dynamic and radiant!

  • Through treasured modern products, unique content, and personal interviews, this genuine movement allows fierce, confident minds to exemplify the attitude of Stellargirls. We're calling all Stellargirls to join, follow, share and grow alongside us as we collectively work to build a world full of Stellargirls. Be amazing!

  • Our own Stellargirl

    Inspired by co-founder Teri Tkachuk’s journey of reinvention throughout her career, we want to share stories of amazing women. Teri’s exploration and success in talent management and as a published style editor, fitness model, personal trainer, wardrobe stylist, entrepreneur and philanthropist have allowed her to truly embody the spirit of a Stellargirl. Our community is focussed on personal passion, health, fitness, style, and beauty, which is all encompassing to the bold and gold mindset of Stellargirls while supporting women to recognize their inner stellar!

    • Teri Tkachuk