Let’s touch again

Let’s Touch Again

Stellargirls, let me tell you if you haven’t heard of or tried Touchland hand sanitizing mist, you are missing out. After the past 16 months or so of being perhaps fearful…we can all touch again! Touch things, hug people, feel again and live again! Just mist your hands, any surfaces you feel have not been cleaned properly and leave behind a refreshing, ambrosial scent!

Touchland played a huge roll in that. First of all let me explain why. As Andrea Lisbona, CEO and Founder of the revolutionary hand sanitizing brand explains, “most hand sanitizers are sticky, gooey, drying and stink like vodka or tequila”. Yucky right? Touchland set out to elevate the sad sanitizing industry and make it cool, chic and smell delish. Job accomplished. This multi-award winning product comes in 8 different scents, (shhhhh…..a huge collaboration announcement with new scents launching this week). It is practically a necessity that is found in every car, purse, diaper bag, sports bag, school backpack & almost every public area these days. The company also sells large dispensers for public areas and Touchland gave 5% of their inventory to front line workers, hospitals and schools this past year even though they were sold out for weeks on end.

Also directly from the creator herself, “Hand hygiene is the easiest way to stay healthy and most of the time you don’t have access to water and soap when you are on the go. That’s why we created Touchland, a hand sanitizer that not only sanitizes but also eliminates all of the unpleasing experience of it.”

Wait, there is more. Yep, the packaging is hip, what? A chic mister that you can pull out of your handbag, or give as a gift? Did you ever think you could “gift” hand sanitizer without saying “hey, you need a little extra hygiene in your life?” You can with Touchland and you are getting 600 misting sprays from every container. One would think this is a sponsored blog, or an ad but no, it is not, it is simply one happy Touchland customer that wanted to share this exceptional product with all of you! You can get Touchland at Ulta, Target on line and at www.touchland.com.

I recently had Andrea on my Speaking STELLARGIRL product and after “meeting” her I am even more of a fan of her products. She is a true champion of women and I love supporting female entrepreneurs with a STELLARGIRL spirit!


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