Four Favorite Beaches

My Favorite Beaches so far…

I would love to live on a beach, on the water, steps from the ocean but because I don’t, I’ll take a beach destination vacation over any other.

I grew up in a prairie city and spent most of my adult life in Vancouver, Canada and my view from my apartment on Beach Ave. was the Pacific Ocean and the mountains…loved it, miss it!  Being in Chicago, there were beaches on lake Michigan and now I reside near Door County, WI. and the lake life is now my home, but nothing beats the sand between your toes, the calming sound of the waves crashing into each other and the smell of the salty ocean air.

I have travelled the world and have seen the black sand beaches of the Canary Islands, Iceland, Hawaii and Tahiti; the pink sand beaches in Bermuda but nothing beats the white sand and crystal-clear waters of Bora Bora & Tetiaroa in the French Polynesia, the picturesque beaches of Ibiza, Spain and those along the Cote d’Azure, France. I love them all for different reasons.

When you fly over the French Polynesia you will understand why it is so breathtaking. To see the colors of the water change from deep dark blue, to sky blue, to turquoise into the clear water into sandy bottom…and then swim out from the softest sand through the turquoise, to sky blue, where you can see the tropical fish and coral reefs right under your toes. It almost seems surreal until you see for yourself.  Visit Bora Bora and the island of Tetiaroa for your next beach lovers vacation!

Onto Ibiza, where some beaches remind me of Copacabana in Rio de Jannero.. more of a people watching/party scene compared to the tranquil hidden gems off the beaten path like in Tetiaroa.  But, my favorite days spent in Ibiza were beach hopping. We hit the shores of Aigues Blancques,  Calo d’En Serra, Platja Xarraca, Pou des Lleo, Cala Benirras, Ca Caleta and Playa d’en Bossa; some with emerald green water, others with lagoon blue turquoise waters… there is not one beach in Ibiza I wouldn’t spend my days or evenings. From the silent coves or the enchanting paths, or the essential “must sea” views of Las Salinas, if you are beach obsessed like me, put Ibiza on the top of your vacation spots to explore in your lifetime!

Lastly, the beach club scene in the South of France is not to be missed, the chic French Riviera and the town of St. Tropez hosts Plage de Pampelonne, a long stretch of shore- line with posh private beach clubs that host trendy restaurants, cozy sun beds and parasols. Fun and leisure all mixed in one!

I have met few beaches in my life that I have not loved. Take it all in, breathe it all in and don’t worry about the sand on your skin, in your hair and love this God given treasure of where the ocean cradles the surf and touches the sand. There is nothing like beach life, it is special for so many reasons… don’t get me started on the sunrises and sunsets, I will save that for another blog!!!


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