Speaking Stellargirl

Calling all Stellargirls. We want to hear your stories about the ahh-ha kick butt moment, the beautiful climbs, the agonizing falls, the sweet little accomplishments, the glorious gains, and the never give up stories that make us, well US! Tell the community. Inspire, motivate, and support each other. This is your platform. When Stellargirls rise, they shall shine!

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Teri and Terri chat all about Ms. Bryant’s career as a celebrity make up artist, decades as an educator with brands like Dior and Smash Box and how her diagnosis with Parkinson’s led her to create make-up tools and products that reimagine the way we apply make up. Terri’s journey as the founder of GUIDE Beauty is one of resilience and ingenuity. An exceptional STELLARGIRL with an extraordinary story! shop at

Teri and Megan chat about what it’s like to be a full time middle school teacher and a stellar influencer at the same time! Megan shares everything from fashion & home decor advice to “behind the scenes” teacher life! If you are looking for affordable style finds with a dose of unfiltered, real life moments check out @belleofthebudget & you have found your “on-line, mid-sized, best friend” & a STELLARGIRL!

Teri and Dr. Jenelle Kim discuss the importance of integrating the philosophy, medical wisdom and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern life and medicine of the West. Dr Kim is Nationally Board Certified in Herbology, Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture. Her new book, Myung Sung: The Korean Art to Living Meditation will be available January 2022. It offers a way to achieve a life of balance and happiness… a STELLARGIRL mindset for sure! Visit jenellekim.com & follow her wisdom & expertise @drjenellemkim

Teri and Kristen dive right into Kirsten’s journey from ABC news, to going to law school on a dare, to creating one of the most savory, “put on almost everything” chickpea-based food spreads in the market today! With no culinary background, Kristen created Kiki’s in her own kitchen and is now in over 22 stores and on-line at kikisspreads.com. She has an inspiring STELLARGIRL story and we are excited about her new dessert spread launching soon which is shhhhhhhhh, better than Nutella…can’t wait!

Teri and Tinsley chat about how Tinsley entered into the influencer business and how her passion for make up and all things beauty turned into her full time gig! Tinsley is a fashion, beauty, & home decor STELLARGIRL! As a mother and wife, her page is designed with the goal of helping her followers escape from their day to day to experience moments of peace and joy! Tinsley’s hope is that her content empowers women to step out of their comfort zone and do what they love no matter what!

Teri and Dr. Jenelle Kim discuss the importance of integrating the philosophy, medical wisdom and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern life and medicine of the West. Dr Kim is Nationally Board Certified in Herbology, Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture. Her new book, Myung Sung: The Korean Art to Living Meditation will be available January 2022. It offers a way to achieve a life of balance and happiness… a STELLARGIRL mindset for sure! Visit jenellekim.com & follow her wisdom & expertise @drjenellemkim

Teri and Renata chat all about being part of the powerful movement EBY, (which stands for Empowered by You). An intimate brand that uses one decision women make everyday, what undies you put on, to empower other women in need out of poverty and into business through Microfinance. EBY drives profits with purpose and Renata’s contribution and entrepreneurship has been highlighted as “100 Most Brilliant Companies”. Renata is a world renown international speaker and has been in on stages at numerous institutions including United Nations, MIT, Harvard Business School and nicknamed, “professional thong slinger” changing one life at a time! Totally STELLLAR.

Teri and Lindsay share the wanderlust bug and chat all about their passion for exploring our spectacular earth! @Getlostwithlindsay was created to motivate and inspire everyone to really experience all the things life has to offer without having to be rich or famous. Lindsay is a weekly travel, fashion and lifestyle contributor on Access Hollywood and now has a new series with Access entitled “Lindsay on Location” all about uncovering special places around the world!

Teri and Holly chat all about Holly’s inspiring journey and how she created an exceptional experiential jewelry and gift company. Dune Jewelry & Co. creates wearable treasures using sand and earth elements from around the globe! Holly’s unique entrepreneurial idea allows her clientele to hold on to special moments forever so you to live in the moment, then take it with you! Holly and her team capture memories in a tangible way, they continuously give back to coastal and global causes and support and elevate other STELLARGIRLS in business. dunejewelry.com

Teri and Andrea talk about Andrea’s entrepreneurial journey and how she set out to disrupt the stale hand sanitizer industry with her innovative brand aimed at elevating everyday experiences. Andrea is the CEO and Founder of Touchland, a revolutionary brand of hand sanitizers which, if you haven’t tried Touchland yet, are super sleek, non-skicky, moisturizing and come in 8 amazing scents! Andrea made hand sanitizer cool and that is so STELLAR! Tune in to hear all about Touchland’s new collaboration and new ambrosial scents. touchland.com

Teri and Erika talk about the the power of meditation and how finding the Kundalini practice helped Erika heal her anxiety. Erika now shares this practice to help others on their journey. Erika is a Kundalini meditation expert and she explains how this art form of breath work, movement and a plant based diet has made her life more vibrant and full of happiness. Erika believes that our thoughts become reality and she teaches so many how to get clear on what you want, shift your mindset and elevate your vibration. How stellar! Let Erika guide your practice at evolvebyerika.com

Teri and Jenn chat about how Jenn created the world’s first Retinol and Eczema gummy as the founder and CEO of EMBODY, her skin care company. She shares her journey of launching in the middle of the pandemic and how her attitude of leading with kindness got her through it all! After elevating her family cosmetics business to multimillion dollar success, she set out to create her own brand that joined her Eastern upbringing of herbal remedies with modern Western science to create “beauty from within” products that actually work. Jenn is a CEO that likes to have fun and it shows through her passion for her work and her STELLARGIRL spirit! You can find her @thejennchung & @thisisembody and thisisembody.com

Teri and Dr. Dendy chat about the importance of taking care of your skin, Dr. Dendy’s favorite sunscreens and the misconceptions of botox, fillers and procedures to enhance your own beautiful and while looking natural and feeling your best no matter what your age. Dr. Dendy is a media expert and appears regularly on the TODAY show, Dr, OZ, Entertainment Tonight and has been featured in countless editorials such as Vogue, Allure, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, and US weekly just to name a few. Dr. Dendy is a true champion of women and shares her expertise, secrets and tips on putting your best face forward!

Nikou and Teri chat about wellness from within, the importance of movement, mindfulness and community. Nikou is a Master Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, and the creator of @ele8tedtribe where she coaches fitness and nutrition. Nikou shares her journey of healing from SIBO and her battle with postpartum after the birth or her son. Her kind spirit shines through her passion to heal, help and empower women whom she inspires everyday!

Teri and Julie dive deep into how Julie accidentally discovered photography after a major life changing event left her feeling numb, broken and irremediable. Photography became the snorkel allowing her to breathe, and a way to exist in a world when emotions got too messy to understand. Now Julie is doing what she loves, she is a storyteller through her lens, a visual brand strategist, creating meaningful connections for trailblazing brands. juliemgilephotography.com

Francelle and Teri chat about the philosophy behind Love+Craft+Beauty and how it is an alternative beauty space that enables you to identify yourself through make up. Francelle with her business partner, and best friend, Andrew, take pride in having a community where everyone can express themselves with total freedom. Francelle is also an acclaimed celebrity, editorial and fashion make up artist and she shares her passion for her work with stellar authenticity. lovecraft-beauty.com

Jeanine and Teri chat about Jeanine’s illustrious career as a celebrity and fashion makeup artist, how she started the iconic beauty brand STILA in her home and grew it into a global cosmetic line before selling it over a decade ago. Jeanine and Teri talk motherhood, authentically supporting women and Jeanine’s newest venture that may or may not include a perfect red matte lip…:)

Teri and Danielle chat about how Danielle created her own brand by telling her story through writing on her lifestyle blog and as a contributor to TODAY. Danielle is known for her unfiltered, boisterous honestly about parenting, motherhood, adulthood and raising her children without “clipping their wings”. She shares her amazing, crazy, joyous life while sharing intimate details about her tribulations and her bliss! Danielle explained of how her life changed since her “tiny dancer, rainbow lovin’, kiss you feelings, total mood and mama gorgeous” son, Brody went viral @bossbabybrody. They also launched an apparel collection of Brody’s favorite sayings where Brody shares his shine with others. Visit citygirlgonemom.com

Teri and Dayna chat about how Dayne took a leaf of faith, left her corporate career, followed her passion and became a lifestyle influencer and blogger. She recently founder Define Bold Fitness to inspire other women on their fitness journeys. Dayna and her daughter wrote a children’s book together that centers around being BOLD and sharing your magical crown when others need it more than you, so very STELLARGIRL!

Teri chats this week with Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy, Founder of GiftMeChic. Elisabeth understands the need for ease & direction when it comes to gift giving & thinking about others, including her incredible team of women she relies on who support her everyday!

Teri chats with Inessa and Alina Vike, CEW Rising Twin Influencers who’ve recently launched their own beauty line, Vike Beauty. Chatting on how support and guidance from other women was instrumental in their launch

Teri chats with Miranda Brawn, a Finance Executive, a Keynote Speaker, and Founder of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation. Chatting all things about investing in yourself.

Teri chats this week with Yaisa Mann, a Coach, Speaker, Energizer and CEO of SwagHER Fitness, which leads the way blending body image and fitness to empower girls and women.

Teri chats this week with Elaine Turner, one of the original Fashion Mavens who led the way with 8 stores and now teaches and supports women on their journey to know their worth.

Teri chats this week with Jena Min, an Entrepreneur and Investor. Jena’s also the founder of VERBODEN Beautyfood, a hyper-personalized beauty & wellness brand powered by AI that recommends customized skincare and nutritional products.

Teri chats this week with Tatiana Boncompagni, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and health coach. Tatiana is also an accomplished Beauty writer with publications in the NY Times, Marie Claire and Elle Magazine as well as an original recipe developer for Well & Good, and now she is the Founder of Eat Sunny, an organic meal delivery company.

Teri chats this week with Ayushi Kumari, an Australian based Influencer who is charting her own course and living her life authentically each and every day.

Teri chats this week with Julie Xander of Lifestyle Jules, an Influencer who has developed quite a following just by being herself and of course her willingness to try anything.
Teri chats with Suelyn Farel, CEO of the Julien Farel Group – a luxury beauty and wellness company with products sold all over the world.
Teri chats with Camille Walker, Blogger behind My Mommy Style and host of the Call Me CEO Podcast. They chat about the struggles of family, motherhood and being the CEO of your home and life.
Teri chats this week with Brittany Franklin, Founder of Sky High for Kids – a nonprofit whose mission is to end childhood cancer through advanced medical studies.
Teri chats this week with Sara Quiriconi, Founder and Creator of the Live Free Manifesto, encouraging people through empowered choices, actions and a determined mindset.
Teri chats this week with Veronika Mudra, a women rights advocate, a TEDxWOMEN speaker and Founder and CEO of White Ribbon USA, a campaign against domestic violence towards women and girls.
Teri chats this week with Ada Avdic, who came to the States from Bosnia at age 5, to escape hardship and war. She channeled her love of dance and writing in a blog and has now become one of the most successful Influencers today.

Teri chats this week with industry titan Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week and Host of Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis at New York’s prestigious 92nd Street Y.

Teri chats this week with Boston’s premiere Stylist, Elisha Daniels. Talking all things Fashion and Style, her clients, and how she tackles dressing each one of them individually. As well as her involvement with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and how our Health greatly it impacts all areas of our lives.

Teri chats this week with Fashion Psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen. They talk fashion, friends, career and launching “Dress your best Life” during a pandemic.

Teri sits down this week with former Miss Teen Texas, Kirby Long. Kirby chats about the sisterhood these pageants have created for her. The work she’s doing on her husband’s ranch and the child sex trafficking organizations that have become a big part of her life.

Rania Mankarious, CEO of Crime Stoppers in Houston chats with us on all things Public Safety related – issues that are important to us now more than ever.

Adelyn | @adelyn.tooley

I’d love to nominate my daughter, Adelyn, as a true Stellargirl! Whether she’s glammed up for a fancy night out, ready to kick butt in the pool or chillin’ on a Fall afternoon, she lets her Stellar shine through. She uses strength, determination, hard work and compassion to give it her all in everything she does. I know these characteristics will take her far in life as she tackles all of her dreams. She already has her heart set on a medical career and is well on her way. Couldn’t be more proud of this StellarGirl!

Lilia | @lilia_gelande22

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I came from a different country! I am blessed to have been adopted by the most amazing parents who showed me love when I didn’t think I could be loved again! Now I am in college, working hard to become an Elementary Education Teacher! I have a Stellargirl mindset because of my parents and best friend Yana Williams!

Melissa | @borbybossbabe

I let my STELLARGIRL shine through by embracing my true authentic self. It has made me a successful woman, mother, Business Owner, and STELLARGIRL through and through!!!

Lillian | @lillixn.grace

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I will graduate high school with honors and I will go on to fulfill my goals and dreams. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom and my grandma who have inspired me to love endlessly and never give up.

Jayne | @jayne8253

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because .. reliving the 70’s movement inspiring us to dress the part. I have a stellar mindset because … driving this Volkswagen attracts the peace, laughs, and beautiful smiles.

Olivia | @itslivbuss

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I shot an elk bull in Colorado. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom, my sister, and my coach, @beautybybuss, @schuh.katie10.

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I am a mom to a young STELLARGIRL who amazes me every day! I have a stellar mindset because of my amazing girlfriends who helped shape me into the woman I am today! @emily.kunst89, @steviesleets, @rsaemann, @jaraeder44, @michelle_lee_g, and @juj_marie_mac.
I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I want to spread the love that surrounds me. I have a Stellar mindset because my mother inspired me through her positivity, kindness, humility, sacrifice, and service to others. She demonstrated by example that happiness was a choice.

Yana | @yana.williams

I let my STELLARGIRL shine, because I came to America when I was almost seven years old, without knowing a word of English. I overcame a massive language barrier, excelled in school, and was accepted into every college I applied. Now I am living my best life, at the college of choice, majoring in the Art and Design Program. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom and my two best friends, Katy Gloudemans and Lilia Gelande.