Speaking Stellargirl

Calling all Stellargirls. We want to hear your stories about the ahh-ha kick butt moment, the beautiful climbs, the agonizing falls, the sweet little accomplishments, the glorious gains, and the never give up stories that make us, well US! Tell the community. Inspire, motivate, and support each other. This is your platform. When Stellargirls rise, they shall shine!

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Teri chats with Miranda Brawn, a Finance Executive, a Keynote Speaker, and Founder of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation. Chatting all things about investing in yourself.

Teri chats this week with Yaisa Mann, a Coach, Speaker, Energizer and CEO of SwagHER Fitness, which leads the way blending body image and fitness to empower girls and women.

Teri chats this week with Elaine Turner, one of the original Fashion Mavens who led the way with 8 stores and now teaches and supports women on their journey to know their worth.

Teri chats this week with Jena Min, an Entrepreneur and Investor. Jena’s also the founder of VERBODEN Beautyfood, a hyper-personalized beauty & wellness brand powered by AI that recommends customized skincare and nutritional products.

Teri chats this week with Tatiana Boncompagni, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and health coach. Tatiana is also an accomplished Beauty writer with publications in the NY Times, Marie Claire and Elle Magazine as well as an original recipe developer for Well & Good, and now she is the Founder of Eat Sunny, an organic meal delivery company.

Teri chats this week with Ayushi Kumari, an Australian based Influencer who is charting her own course and living her life authentically each and every day.

Teri chats this week with Julie Xander of Lifestyle Jules, an Influencer who has developed quite a following just by being herself and of course her willingness to try anything.
Teri chats with Suelyn Farel, CEO of the Julien Farel Group – a luxury beauty and wellness company with products sold all over the world.
Teri chats with Camille Walker, Blogger behind My Mommy Style and host of the Call Me CEO Podcast. They chat about the struggles of family, motherhood and being the CEO of your home and life.
Teri chats this week with Brittany Franklin, Founder of Sky High for Kids – a nonprofit whose mission is to end childhood cancer through advanced medical studies.
Teri chats this week with Sara Quiriconi, Founder and Creator of the Live Free Manifesto, encouraging people through empowered choices, actions and a determined mindset.
Teri chats this week with Veronika Mudra, a women rights advocate, a TEDxWOMEN speaker and Founder and CEO of White Ribbon USA, a campaign against domestic violence towards women and girls.
Teri chats this week with Ada Avdic, who came to the States from Bosnia at age 5, to escape hardship and war. She channeled her love of dance and writing in a blog and has now become one of the most successful Influencers today.

Teri chats this week with industry titan Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week and Host of Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis at New York’s prestigious 92nd Street Y.

Teri chats this week with Boston’s premiere Stylist, Elisha Daniels. Talking all things Fashion and Style, her clients, and how she tackles dressing each one of them individually. As well as her involvement with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and how our Health greatly it impacts all areas of our lives.

Teri chats this week with Fashion Psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen. They talk fashion, friends, career and launching “Dress your best Life” during a pandemic.

Teri sits down this week with former Miss Teen Texas, Kirby Long. Kirby chats about the sisterhood these pageants have created for her. The work she’s doing on her husband’s ranch and the child sex trafficking organizations that have become a big part of her life.

Rania Mankarious, CEO of Crime Stoppers in Houston chats with us on all things Public Safety related – issues that are important to us now more than ever.

Adelyn | @adelyn.tooley

I’d love to nominate my daughter, Adelyn, as a true Stellargirl! Whether she’s glammed up for a fancy night out, ready to kick butt in the pool or chillin’ on a Fall afternoon, she lets her Stellar shine through. She uses strength, determination, hard work and compassion to give it her all in everything she does. I know these characteristics will take her far in life as she tackles all of her dreams. She already has her heart set on a medical career and is well on her way. Couldn’t be more proud of this StellarGirl!

Lilia | @lilia_gelande22

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I came from a different country! I am blessed to have been adopted by the most amazing parents who showed me love when I didn’t think I could be loved again! Now I am in college, working hard to become an Elementary Education Teacher! I have a Stellargirl mindset because of my parents and best friend Yana Williams!

Melissa | @borbybossbabe

I let my STELLARGIRL shine through by embracing my true authentic self. It has made me a successful woman, mother, Business Owner, and STELLARGIRL through and through!!!

Lillian | @lillixn.grace

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I will graduate high school with honors and I will go on to fulfill my goals and dreams. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom and my grandma who have inspired me to love endlessly and never give up.

Jayne | @jayne8253

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because .. reliving the 70’s movement inspiring us to dress the part. I have a stellar mindset because … driving this Volkswagen attracts the peace, laughs, and beautiful smiles.

Olivia | @itslivbuss

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I shot an elk bull in Colorado. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom, my sister, and my coach, @beautybybuss, @schuh.katie10.

I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I am a mom to a young STELLARGIRL who amazes me every day! I have a stellar mindset because of my amazing girlfriends who helped shape me into the woman I am today! @emily.kunst89, @steviesleets, @rsaemann, @jaraeder44, @michelle_lee_g, and @juj_marie_mac.
I let my STELLARGIRL shine because I want to spread the love that surrounds me. I have a Stellar mindset because my mother inspired me through her positivity, kindness, humility, sacrifice, and service to others. She demonstrated by example that happiness was a choice.

Yana | @yana.williams

I let my STELLARGIRL shine, because I came to America when I was almost seven years old, without knowing a word of English. I overcame a massive language barrier, excelled in school, and was accepted into every college I applied. Now I am living my best life, at the college of choice, majoring in the Art and Design Program. I have a stellar mindset because of my mom and my two best friends, Katy Gloudemans and Lilia Gelande.