STELLARGIRL tips for a stress free Holiday Season!

The Holiday season is a time filled with giving, magic and wonder but for so many of us it’s becoming more stressful, crazed and draining time of the year.


Book only one party per weekend, don’t RSVP yes to Friday and Saturday starting nowTake one of the those evenings or days to get shopping, cooking/baking done to freeze for Thanksgiving or Holiday celebrations

If you are hosting Thanksgiving and/or Christmas send out a group text or email with a list of what others are responsible for. Be very specific. Do not ask what every one wants to bring.  Delegate efficiently. Assign a dish, a dessert, an appetizer to another friend or family member.

Reserve a day for wrapping gifts and make it fun!
Light candles, drink some wine or champagne, put on a movie, have the fireplace on, and set up the wrapping, ribbon, tape, tags and scissors out on a the kitchen table and have you and your partner or bestie enjoy the process instead of wrapping last minute

Focus on making memories and have gratitude for all that surrounds you, remember the time you all get to spend together and don’t stress about the mess.

Your kids, family & friends don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom. If you are not a mom, your guests want a happy host not a stressed one!


  • Shop local/shop small businesses, yes it may be easier to go to Amazon and click a button and “buy now” but think about giving back to your community and small business owners
  • When in doubt, make a donation. It is the season of giving and if you have no idea what to buy someone on your list, pick a charitable cause close to their heart and make a contribution and put the information in their card
  • Shop during the sale season: Black Friday & Cyber Monday;  not only will you get the best deals but you won’t be scrambling at the last minute
  • Buy a wellness membership like app or a meditation app for a year. We need our health more than anything else. Movement and mindful meditation are key to a healthy and mindful lifestyle
  • Don’t forget to check out for all the sparkles & shines!

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