Dating Apps Are So 2021 — Make 2022 Your Year for Love

Dating Apps Are So 2021 — Make 2022 Your Year for Love

When it comes to making your love life a priority, there’s literally no time like the present. The holidays are a season of love, which is the perfect time to look for that special someone to be a part of your life. Between the last year and a half of the pandemic, the holidays, and New Year’s resolutions, people are reprioritizing their lives, and re-evaluating their wants, needs, and deal-breakers. Give yourself the gift of love in the coming new year with Selective Search’s Matchmaking services.

Just as you would turn to a personal trainer or nutritionist for your physical health, a financial advisor for your financial health, or a therapist for your mental wellness, our members choose to invest in themselves by outsourcing their love life to the experts. There is a growing trend of people opting for professional matchmaking services as a means to self-invest and start dating efficiently, a clear sign that people want not just love, but lasting companionship. Many shared that the pandemic helped put their lives into perspective and that the need for genuine, substantial connection, not just being seen and active on a dating app, became paramount.

Renaissance of Courtship
With the desire for substantial connection comes intentional dating and building an emotional connection, sometimes before ever meeting in-person. As social restrictions continue to change, more people are establishing their new normal with fresh perspectives and preferences in partners. Someone who might not have been a good fit before might be a perfect match now.

However, sifting through the options to find the right quality for us as Stellar Girls is still as much of a challenge now as it was before the pandemic, with the added difficulties of socially distanced dates, vaccines, and navigating how to show physical affection and intimacy.
This is not an avenue you have to travel alone. Selective Search can help clarify what is most important to you in a partner and help you navigate the new dating landscape. Intentional dating is becoming a list-topping priority of the new normal, and our matchmakers have noted that couples are taking their time getting to know each other in their relationships. Serial dating and shorter-term “situationships” are quickly being ditched and real relationships are getting a chance to develop. People are having meaningful conversations as a foundation to genuine friendship before anything more.

Also notable is the shifting of geographical boundaries. As a result of hybrid and WFH policies, we have seen a 50% rise in long-distance relationships. Singles are no longer limited to their hometown or cities, and they are believing that true love is out there and still possible to find. All they have to do is broaden their horizons.

Online dating apps have only increased in time required for dating success in the last 5-7 years, with Millennials and Gen X spending the most time swiping and hearting profiles. According to a recent study by Duke University, “individuals are spending an average of 5.2 hours per week searching through profiles and another 6.7 hours writing and responding to e-mails, for only 1.8 hours of in-person interaction.”

With the ever-changing social distancing requirements amidst the pandemic and a greater variety of apps to create profiles on, those numbers surely have increased. The rush to these types of apps can make it difficult for a Stellar Girl to find a match with someone who is really ready for commitment, as opposed to just wanting to have a little post-pandemic, cuffing season fun.

The Power of Matchmaking

If you’re ready to go on your last first date and ring in the New Year with your true match, then first things first: get offline! Stop swiping and start dating professionally with Selective Search. Working with a professional matchmaker is the best way to find a commitment-minded relationship and safeguard your time and privacy. Time is precious and so is your privacy. Personal details of your life shouldn’t be displayed on public profiles or apps for strangers to see and manipulate. We help our members find dates that have the potential to go from enchantment beneath the mistletoe to a lifetime of magical love.

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for holiday parties, traveling to family gatherings, and happy hour catch-ups with friends, you have more than enough on your plate. Selective Search Matchmakers provide that extra help and expertise that would be far more time-consuming on your own. We ask the hard questions and make both you and potential matches truly consider what works, what doesn’t, and identify negative patterns before they start. We get to know you better than you may know yourself, and provide guidance – and at times, some tough love – to help make the dating process smoother. We’re the expert in your corner that others wish they had in navigating dating situations, providing lifestyle and relationship coaching and feedback like no friend or family member ever could.
Let Selective Search be the expert in your love life with our Candidate Program, which is always 100% complimentary. No fees to join, no fees to match, no fees ever. If we believe we have an incredible Client to introduce you to, our Matchmakers will contact you for a personal interview. If you are ready to invest in your love life and make it a priority, learn more about our membership options here.

If you are selectively single, let us get to know you. We work with commitment-minded singles across the country. Make your season bright by giving yourself the gift of love this year. You have nothing to lose and the love of your life to gain.


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