All that Glitters

Personally speaking, glitter makes me happy. It reminds me of a disco ball, the sparkles off a large mass of water, the glint of the fresh white fallen snow, star beams, and crystal flecks. Much like sand, it spreads its cheer by dancing about and graces the surface of all that crosses its path! Some even call it fairy dust, princess powder, and unicorn magic, but here is a little glitter trivia for ya… glitter has been around for over 2000 years. Yep, it has been in artwork throughout the Renaissance and scientists and geologists have found it in cave paintings and rock formations for centuries.

Of course it is more prominent in the holiday season and seems a little ubiquitous that it shows its sparkly self everywhere, from ornaments, tinsel, lights, cards, décor, make up, clothing, nail polish and of course our very own STELLARGIRL Glimmer Lotion! It’s simple, shimmering, glittery skin makes me smile! I love leaving a little sparkle behind on every single person, place and thing! You gotta make your mark somehow…

The glittery goodness is transcribed on products like cups, cards, pillows, wall art, and jewelry with sayings like “Glitter is always on option”; “Tis the Season to Sparkle”, “Some Girls are just born with glitter in their veins”, “Shine”, “Leave a little Sparkle wherever you go”, “Keep Calm and Sparkle On”, and the trail of glitter art goes on and on. There’s gotta be something to this! I am not the only one who loves it.

So, now that I have gone on and on about it, STELLARGIRLS always leave a little sparkle behind, so “Shine On” and take in the glittery magic of the season, follow the call of the disco ball and spread it’s pretty glow wherever you go!


Newly Launched STELLARGIRL Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine