How to Have a Self Celebration Practice

How to have a self celebration practice - Teri self celebrating while looking out over the city

We all have our daily routines. We have an exercise routine, a meditation or yoga practice, a healthy eating regimen, we indulge in a coffee, latte, matcha ritual, most of us are working and/or working moms, some of us drive our kids around constantly, some of us are new moms, some are students and even some of us are in our dream career. Wherever we are in life, we must have a daily “Celebration Practice”, or what I like to call a “STELLARBRATION PRACTICE”. Here at STELLARGIRL we give ourselves permission to add this to the end of our crazy, overworked, perhaps stress-filled day.

CELEBRATE one win every single day – yes, every single day. It can be as small as making your bed that morning, or maybe for you it’s big like finally overcoming a health issue or graduating college or landing your dream job. Maybe you fasted for 12 hours, maybe you got back to the gym today, or didn’t eat refined sugar. Take a moment and CELEBRATE YOU! You don’t have to crack open the champagne, you just need to say to yourself, “Hey, I wasn’t late to anything today.” Or, “I booked my first solo vacation,” therefore celebrating YOU. Change your mindset to owning your worth; celebrate your small and your big achievements – this is the way to have a daily self celebration practice.

I believe that it should be acceptable for women to talk candidly about their successes in work, family, friends, health and in play! And the best way to do that is by including a STELLARBRATION practice every single day. Start each morning with STELLARGIRL glimmer lotion so you can shine as bright on the outside as you do on the inside. You’ll feel amazing and you’ll inspire others with your confident energy. This daily practice of self admiration will prepare your mindset for the day, and you will naturally inspire the same in others. Your positivity will resonate with other women and everyone around you.

It’s time to own our stellar-selves, to be seen and heard for our successes. It all starts with you first! STELLARGIRL is an inspiring space for your daily practice of cultivating your own fierce self love that pushes you to be unapologetically stellar and limitlessly successful. It is a practice of owning your self worth and celebrating every single win. Take a photo of your small or big win, write it down, say it to your stories or video and when you post it, tag @stellargirlofficial and we will share it!


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