How to treat post-summer hyperpigmentation

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Summer is officially approaching its end and let’s be honest – you are more likely than not walking away with some degree of hyperpigmentation. Here’s how to treat that and get your skin back to its healthy state!

Continue using your SPF

Even when it’s raining or you’re indoors. SPF will protect against hyperpigmentation, prevent it from occurring as well as help it fade.

Add Trifecta

Into your routine – it will brighten skin, defend against free radical damage, kill blemish-causing bacteria, and foster cell turnover to reveal brighter skin.

Use Glow to Sleep

To reverse sun damage and fade unwanted or uneven tans while you sleep. Wake up to bright, plump, perfectly nourished skin in the morning.

Drink warm water with lemon

In the morning Рthe vitamin C will speed up cell regeneration and the temperature increases elastane and collagen production, which makes skin that is sunburnt or damaged, appear a lot softer, smoother and clearer.

It’s important to keep up this routine even during the winter so your skin is fully healed from the effects of summer. Once summer starts back up, you will need to follow a preventative regimen from sun damage!




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