Live Free and Have Fun

We’re all are looking for little more fun in our lives these days, especially after the year we’ve all experienced and figuring out how to navigate during this pandemic. Who thought we would be so excited that indoor dining resumed and that movie theatres re-opened? Concerts and large gathering have been halted but the mindset we create for ourselves and how we can make things “fun” again is up to you.

Have you been constantly googling “Best shows on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/Disney plus”? Did you start new hobbies, play more boardgames, bake more, exercise more? Did you clean out closets, basements, garages? Did you watch endless hours of YouTube or did get a pandemic puppy? I found fun in all of the above and I did all of above. As a family of six we missed our friends and family but discovered Podcasts, played kickball after dinner, used FaceTime more and thank goodness for Zoom and Amazon.

I tried fly fishing…yep… I tried meditation…epic fail but still trying…., I tried journaling, nope didn’t work for me. But we did bury a time capsule, we played left/right/center, we made chocolate chip everything…but now we are mostly back at school, travel restrictions are lightening up, vaccines are rolling into the arms of many and we are looking forward to “fun” again!

Fun is different for everybody. Living free is different for everybody. But we choose both. We choose to dance and sing along to Brittany Spears while getting ready in the morning (over-share) but you can find fun everyday if you focus on it. You have intelligence, free will, a playful nature, a right to choose a healthy way of living a stellar lifestyle. STELLARGIRL is a mindset that you create! You choose to implement your own “stellar-ness”. Now go on, be stellar, live free and have some fun!


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