Join STELLARGIRL and make a difference

We at STELLARGIRL are on a mission. A mission to be the champion of your own life while supporting each other. Together, we are co-inspirers who elevate others by exemplifying a healthy, happy and adventurous life.

We also make a difference. A difference to women and girls who need a voice. A voice to be safe. Women who are not safe in their homes, not safe in their relationships and not safe talking about it need to know they are supported. STELLARGIRL is bringing more awareness to that need, the need to recognize the signs of abuse in all its forms.

STELLARGIRL supports and brings awareness to organizations such as White Ribbon USA, Freedom & Fashion, Safe House Project, Harbor House of Wisconsin and recently became a Guardian at Hope for Justice. We have started our volunteer training at the largest women’s safe shelter in our state, Harbor House of Wisconsin. We want to educate more of our youth within the school system to teach them what a healthy relationship is within their own families and with their boyfriends/girlfriends, and to inform our children of the terrifying signs of human sex trafficking and grooming. It is crucial that the “uncomfortable” conversions about the abuse of power, control, physical and sexual abuse be made comfortable.

Awareness and education about women’s safety and the safety of all children need to be on the forefront in our schools. Children learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and all take the D.A.R.E. program in school, but programs are not as focused on issues surrounding healthy and safe relationships. We want to help change that.

Domestic abuse is up 56% this year due to the pandemic and sex trafficking is now the second largest criminal industry in this country. I urge all women and men reading this to be aware of the signs and take a volunteer training at their local safe shelter. You can start making a difference today with one email or one phone call to register for volunteer training at your local area safe shelter. Today you can make a difference. Join STELLARGIRL and make a difference.


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