CEO of your household and your business

Two of the most rewarding and the most challenging roles women take on are being the CEO of your family and your own business. During the pandemic most of us had to make it all work somehow, tackle the transition from moving our office into the home, home schooling kids, juggling conference calls and laundry, zoom meetings with dogs barking, children needing help with school and preparing meals way more often. Our days were interrupted at every turn and our professional worlds collided into our family life, but we found a way to thrive and do both!

The reason being that both are full time commitments that require perseverance, patience and massive multitasking. Doing one or the other can be tough enough on their own but when they are tangled up it forced us to rise and take on the challenge.

Being in the C-Suite requires leadership skills that are remarkably similar to that of being an exceptional mom. We manage our business, and we manage our households. It is hard. But we are tougher. Obviously, we can’t fire our kids, or right them up, we have to learn from them just like we have to learn from our staff that we manage in our professional world. Perhaps we became better moms because of it! The grocery shopping, meal planning, house cleaning, dishes, the laundry, dog walking, teaching, driving, planning, organizing…the duties are plentiful. Just like we rely on our teams and committees at the office, we had to rely and delegate within our household. Were we effective? That depends on how we executed the strategy. It is why mothers make such successful CEO’s we can handle almost everything and anything!

Moms must be flexible, have mental complexity, monster organizational skills, clear communication skills, and ride a roller coaster at the same time. We can solve a crisis, navigate chaos and figure it all out – parallel to a C-Suite partner.

To all the STELLARGIRL moms who are both the CEO’s of their households and their businesses, are simply STELLAR!


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