Benefits of Walking for Your Physical and Mental Health

Two feet in black and white sneakers with their toes overlapping

Benefits of walking for your physical and mental health

Walk this way towards understanding the single most underestimated and underrated exercise that has more benefits than any other movement you can do daily. Walking. Let’s get back to walking more every day. You can do it as the only movement you do in a day or add it to a HIIT workout, a strength workout, yoga, stretching, an extra ten minutes after each meal, or even an additional mile or two a day!

Walking is the most powerful form of exercise for your mental & physical health especially outdoors. For most people, it’s safe, easy to stick with, and at a low to no-cost form of activity you can do it anywhere.

The physical benefits of walking strengthens bones and muscles, lowers cholesterol, increases heart rate, improves circulation, boosts energy, controls glucose, and of course burns calories keeping you fit and strong.

Mentally speaking, walking daily releases natural painkillers called endorphins into the body improving overall mental well-being, the more you walk the better your mood will be! If you incorporate a daily walking routine, especially outdoors you are most likely to live longer & be happier overall. We all know that overall fitness is way more than physical. When you walk you reconnect with yourself & nature. Walking helps reduce stress and it can clear your mind and thoughts. As the saying goes, “I’m going for a walk, it helps me think”.

We as humans are the only species that get around by standing up & putting one foot in front of the other. Long ago it used to be our main source of transportation. Walking is natural, it works every muscle in the body especially if you take it up to “power walk” or pump your arms. Walking activates the tiny muscles and bones in your feet and toes, it works your large muscle groups in your lower body, your core is activated when you walk tall and with purpose. Walking is also considered low-impact exercise so it’s gentle on your joints and promotes good posture and core stabilization.

Walking is the most rewarding and powerful activity. It is often underrated like it “doesn’t count” as a daily “workout”. In sum, walking WORKS. It’s the best mental & physical workout for your body so get outdoors no matter what the weather and take a 30-90 minute walk a day or break it up throughout your day. Your body & brain will thank you!


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