STELLARGIRL Sparkling State of Mind

We at STELLARGIRL elevate and celebrate every day. There is nothing more celebratory than our STELLARGIRL Blanc de Blancs Sparkling!


The action of popping open a bottle of bubbles, and the sound of the cork launching in the air evokes the imagination and conjures up ideas of celebrating and treating yourself. We like to call it the ‘STELLARGIRL Sparkling State Of Mind’.


We are on a STELLARGIRL Sparkling Wine campaign to celebrate, to elevate the everyday and to raise a glass more often!


Sparkling wine is a symbol of celebration, prestige, and quality. Our crisp, bright effervescent Blanc de Blancs is the only thing you will need to “STELLARBRATE” all your special occasions. It is a joyful drink which elevates any occasion and experience. The simple act of popping the bottle never fails to bring a smile to your face. Every time you go through the unfoiling of the cork, the unwinding of the wire restraint, the anticipation of the overflow is the ultimate tradition of anticipated celebration. Every raise of a glass, every toast, every “cheers”, and every sip evokes celebratory joy and bliss! It is the ultimate beverage of celebration and never disappoints!


Fine sparkling wine is a great gift for many reasons; it’s classy, it’s elegant, and is always appropriate for any occasion. Whether celebrating a wedding, a birthday, a promotion, a launch of a company, graduation, or an anniversary, it’s the perfect personal touch to commemorate any special event. If you think about the over-flow, the fizz, the sexy froth as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve…or the exhilarating victories at each championship game or sporting event, it’s the ultimate symbol of winning and commemorating.  It’s the ‘Sparkling State of Mind’.


Not only is sparkling wine the ideal beverage that is perfectly suited for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s the perfect complement to any celebratory mood.  So gather your besties, pop open the sparkle, and let this dreamy, unstoppable, fabulous, sexy, glowy, romantic, whimsical and exciting wine flow!


Your most STELLAR moments await, and I cannot wait for you to sparkle up and share them with us @stellargirlofficial.


Newly Launched STELLARGIRL Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine