Happy Mother’s Day!

I am so lucky to have one of the best mothers a daughter could hope for. My grandmother, who we call Babi, instilled in my mom, Sharon, her wisdom and tough love. My mom is patient, selfless, intelligent, loving, strong, and taught my brother and me to be independent thinkers. She told us every day that she was proud of us and believed in our potential as young adults. However, she was strict as she prepared us for the future and showed up every single day. She taught us the importance of family values, traditions and most importantly to never give up! She never let us down and still to this day is a wise, fair, and loyal woman. I learned at a very young age to never cross her, nor talk back, and if you didn’t contribute the household chores, don’t even think about earning any rewards.

My mom was a high school teacher for 33 years, a varsity volleyball coach, and a national track and field referee; she was also inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in Saskatchewan Canada. She is active in her church, makes a mean Ukrainian meal, always keeps active, and battled fibromyalgia without one complaint. My mom showed me that a mother can work full time, raise her children and “have it all”. She did it with grace and demanded only respect and a resilient work ethic.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring motherhood, the influence of mothers on society, and ultimately a day to show appreciation to our mothers. Use this day as an opportunity to spend time with your mom. Real quality time! I would do anything to spend more time with mine.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day.

~Surprise her by renting her dream car for the day, make a playlist of her favorite tunes and have it ready when she gets in the car, go for drive with a pre-made picnic meal & blanket in the trunk and head to the park or beach!

~ Make a photo book or a video montage on your computer with photos of mom with her family 📷

~ Clean the house or tackle a project that she has mentioned being done like everyone clean out their closets or the pantry and surprise her with crossing something crossed off her “to-do” list. 🧹

~ Cook a meal together, ask her to show you how she makes her favorite meal or dessert but make certain you have already picked up the groceries. 🍱 🍰

~Give her the gift of self-care, send her to her favorite spa or get her a gift certificate for a facial, massage, mani/pedi, something that she hasn’t had time to do for herself.

~Make a handwritten card or write a letter and give it to her with her favorite flower bouquet, in a cool vessel, jar or basket. Also add her favorite scented candle! 💐🕯💌

Celebrate your mother a little extra, Sunday May 8th and make her feel special and loved this day and every day.


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