Own Your Worth. What is STELLARGIRL?



STELLARGIRL envisions changing the perception of what it means for a woman to say she is amazing! She recognizes her worth and is proud to talk about it. She shows up for herself everyday, she is grateful for her potential. STELLARGIRLS are motivated and disciplined, their vibe is bright, and their self-love is abundant.  A glowing STELLARGIRL woman can help other women glow, and still be lit!


There is this stigma that women come across as boastful and not humble when they celebrate their successes and accomplishments. Men seem to have no issue saying they are the best at what they do. As Reese Witherspoon was quoted saying; “LeBron James doesn’t walk around saying he is sorta, kinda good at basketball, he says ‘I am the best in the game!’”.  Reese owns her worth by continuing to say that she is really, really good at what she does; and she is not afraid of saying it. Reese, for example, owns her worth. Her mindset is one of a STELLARGIRL. She doesn’t say she is perfect, no one is perfect, and that is not what STELLARGIRL is either. It’s not perfection, it about learning, growing, showing yourself grace, moving with intention toward what you want and evolving into the best version of you. It’s a mindset.


This movement and community is out to change the conversation and normalize women to talk about their successes with confidence, truth, boldness, authenticity, resilience and determination. It’s about women claiming their stellar selves all while doing it with positivity and kindness. STELLARGIRL is done with woman apologizing for their amazingness! We are not bragging, we are not putting others down, ever. Period. We are empowering women to be okay with being exceptional!


A STELLARGRIL encompasses everything a woman want to be: happy, self-assured, healthy, adventurous, stylish, and kind…the “real-deal”. They prioritize themselves, their self-care, and leave room for fun! They enjoy their own company and they love to smile and laugh. They are not toxic or judgmental. They celebrate their wins and follow their passions, all while championing others. STELLARGIRLS never tear each other down. Instead, we elevate others, we are our own cheerleader while also supporting the wins and successes of the women around us. We don’t see other women as competition because there is room for all of us to win. We don’t compare ourselves to other women, sure, we can aspire to be like another women because perhaps she achieved her goals, got into the college of her dreams, founded a company, landed her dream job, trained for the Olympics, or got a brand deal, etc. We are truly happy for others because they inspire us to do better, even if its 1% better each day.


STELLARGIRL’s vision and brand is all about a STELLARBRATION of oneself and once you can achieve that, you are a source of inspiration for others and other women will aspire to see themselves as part of the STELLARGIRL movement and join the STELLARGIRL energy. Together we are STELLARGIRL STRONG. Being able to talk about your accomplishments will change how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. We do not settle for mediocracy. We want to do our best and be our most stellar-selves. We don’t give up, we level up. We may fail, but we come back stronger because we learned from our mistakes.


STELLARGIRL energy is infectious. Being around like-minded people upgrades our mindsets. We call upon all the outstanding women out there to tag us when they are having a STELLARGIRL moment, got a promotion, have a 💥 outfit on, have a kick-ass workout, have a peaceful mediation, have a STELLAR adventure outdoors, or went on a STELLARGIRL trip! Being STELLAR can mean that you carved out 15 minutes for yourself today. Take those stellar 15 minutes and be grateful of your triumphs.


Own your worth, prioritize and celebrate yourself, elevate others around you and be proud of the STELLARGIRL you are!


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