Cool Chic Summer Style

Cool Chic Easy Breezy Summer Style

Do you want to look and feel cool, comfy and chic in this summer heat? Let me suggest some of my favorite fabrics and breezy outfits.

White is the only color that does not attract the heat because white clothing reflects all wavelengths of light. So, try wearing white or tan tones. Also, keep your clothing on the looser side, tight pieces will fire up body heat (other than a swimsuit, which you want to fit close to the body). A little baggy equals a little breezy! Plus tight white clothes are not always the most flattering…

Cotton, one of my favorite summer fabrics absorbs water, so it will absorb your sweat too. I love wearing a white cotton t-shirt, tank top, with loose, wide leg pants. White top and white bottom are instantly chic no matter what. Add shades, a wide brimmed straw hat and sandals and walk-through summer with grace and ease.

Linen, my second fav, yes it gets wrinkly, but that’s the “look” of it. I love a loose cut linen jumpsuit, or I will borrow my mans’ oversized linen button down and throw it over my swimsuit or tie it at the waist with linen skirt of a neutral tone. I am also up for a flowy maxi skirt that skims my ankles and I pair it with cute flip flops and canvas beach bag.

Chambray, another “go to”, is a fabric I prefer over jeans in the heat. It is often described as an imitation denim, so it has the cool factor but it a lot lighter in weight. It usually has a mottled texture and washes well.

Jersey is a fabric that most think will be too heavy in the summer, but it is versatile, drapey and flexible. Perfect for a comfortable cover up and athletic activities.

In the evening you can 100 percent find me in a silk maxi dress. They are sexy, not fussy and you don’t need much else but a strappy sandal and a sleek clutch. Here is where I would reach for darker colors as the sun sets. Try an unlined black, navy or red maxi that will contrast perfectly as you watch the sun go down. Throw your beach hair into a pony or a low bun to keep cool and effortlessly classy.

This summer, think flowy mini or maxi dresses, skirts that don’t hug the body, white crop tops and tanks, linen everything, white wide leg pants, oversized jumpsuits and do not forget a cute terry cloth bucket hat and a wide brimmed hat to shade your face from the blazing sun. There is nothing cute about a sunburn so be sure to add SPF to daily skin care routine!


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