Simple Summer Make Up

Make up pallet with brushes and candles

Simple Summer Skin

I don’t feel the need to wear heavy make-up ever but especially in the summer when it is hot and sticky outside. So, I lighten it up, minimalistic is best for me when it comes to putting your face on in the heat.

As soon as I wake up, I spray Avene Thermal Water Spray all over my face and use a cotton pad to wipe off any leftover masks or creams from the night before, then I go in with my jade or rose quartz roller that I keep in my freezer and roll in Skin Ceutical’s CE Ferulic serum…. all you need is 4-6 drops to cover your face. This immediately wakens up my skin, brightens and “depuffs” my under eye area with the ice cold roller. Now my skin is clean and nourished with antioxidants and vitamin C, fully prepped to go workout or start my work-day before I shower.

As soon as I get out of the shower I splash SK11 Pitera all over my face and neck. That is the only thing I need under my summer make up. I dot on under eye cream (pick your fav) and my Mac concealer under my eyes (yes both products at the same time), on my eyelids and wherever I see I need a little coverage. I blend both products together. This trick will lighten up your face without have to apply an all-over foundation. I use an Artis blending brush for a smooth effect and it distributes both the under eye cream and your concealer evenly.

I come in next with STILA’s peachy-rose dewy cream blush, from the apple of my cheeks to my temples, apply a couple coats of mascara, and finish with either a veil make up setting spritz or simply Rosewater spray all over…even in my hair, as its light rose petal scent awakens the senses and finishes off my 5 minute summer make up routine.

Don’t fret, I didn’t forget sunscreen, as I am not a skin care or a make up “expert”, most would say it is the most important step. I do agree, but I love the sun on my face and the vitamin D benefits! But, I just mist Coola sunscreen over top of my make-up, on my neck, shoulders and decollate. It may be in the “wrong” order but it works for me!


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