Safe not sick & add vitamin C

Dear Stellargirls,
I know that everybody and every body is different. But here is what works for me.

I am a creature of habit. Every single morning, I wake up drink at least a cup of water before my mug of coffee. Now, I know it should be warm water with lemon but let’s face it, I wake up between 5:45am and 6:30am, there are my kids, a 7 month old puppy, a full time job and I have to hit a workout before my day starts….so yep….coffee first.

I don’t sit and have a leisurely cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise on a rocking chair. I pour a huge mug of strong brewed java, add a little cold water so its drinkable right away and gulp away hoping the caffeine starts working immediately. I take out the dog, feed her, get breakfast set up for the kids, throw in a load of laundry, make any lunches that were forgotten the night before, water the plants, empty the dishwasher, busy mornings like all moms out there…but then I prepare the next morning’s pot of coffee and set it on auto-start so it begins brewing at 5:30am the next day. I used to have a Keurig but who has 4 minutes to wait for that when you can have a fresh hot pot of coffee waiting for you  before having to talk to anyone!

But what I do next is the essential foundation to keeping my immunity strong. I put an immunity power Vitamin C pack (1200mg of vitamin C/orange blast flavor only please) and a green tablet with marine collagen inside a quart of ice water. My products of choice is Trace PowerPak because it does not contain any aspartame or sucralose (chemicals are bad for me) and 8GREENS which has effervescent super greens (vitamin A, biotin, more vitamin C, zinc, trace amounts of green tea, broccoli, aloe, kale, collard greens, spinach, peppermint and alfalfa). You may think gross, but it’s kinda yummy!

Here is the why taking extra supplements should be a mainstay in your daily health regime. It builds your immunity and vitamin C is key. Your body doesn’t support or store it, so you should take vitamin C every single day.  It is by far the most vital.  B6 too if you are not getting enough chicken and/or fish.  Vitamin D is also crucial for fighting pathogens, viruses and respiratory infections. Egg yolks, red meat and salmon are foods containing high levels of Vitamin D.  Remember this is what works for me. Vitamins, exercise and 7 hours of sleep a night although I pray for 8 hours. This keeps me safe from viruses and gives me energy. I am not sponsored by either one of the above noted supplements but I wanted to share what works for me.  I love a good routine, and I can travel with both of these products. I don’t stay at home 365 and my immunity power pack and greens travel well! Stay safe and STELLARGIRL strong!

Teri xo


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