Lots of Water

Dear Stellargirls,
Quench your body from the inside out and you will shine like the sun!  Hydrate with water and lots of it. If you are exercising daily drink at least a gallon a day. 8 glasses of water just isn’t enough. Try 4 liters!
Don’t wait until you are thirsty! Don’t be waterproof! Drink up! Stellargirls, your body will thank you and it will glow through in your skin and smile.
Drench your body in Stellargilr’s own Glimmer Lotion (to pre-order click here) and lock in moisture, shimmer, and gold glitter! Use a hydrating mist on your face throughout the day to lock in moisture. My favorite is SKII’s Pitera Daily Essence. (link here) I swear I am constantly spritzing throughout the day especially on the plane. Take off your makeup before you go to bed, there is no excuse. Dab on some eye cream, a little Rosebud lip balm, coconut oil on your hands, and feet and your favorite nighttime serum or revitalizer on your face….
Oh, and don’t forget to have one glass of water before bed you will wake up feeling refreshed and revived!

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