Do you ever close your eyes and envision a life you’ve always wanted to live and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do? I wonder how many of us are actually living that life? What is holding us back from achieving our “gold life”? Our stellar life? Of course, not one person is the same, so your “gold” is not going to look like someone else’s “gold”. For some, it’s having a flourishing career, being able to stay at home and raise children, becoming a musician, an artist, an author, a scientist, an Olympian, breeding horses, travelling the world… you get it.
We then open our eyes and that life is not being lived. What happens next? Do we make excuses or do we execute? Or is it something in between like making a plan and actually saying “I am going to do this…”, instead of “I’m thinking about doing this…” and that’s where it all begins. A glimmering thought, one sunbeam of hope can create a mindset of living your “gold”. The idea that you don’t have what it takes is gone. Now your gold is in front of you staring back at you. Envision it, plan for it, work towards it and achieve it. It’s never too late.

No more doubt, not more fear, no more lack of motivation; accept that you may fail once, twice or ten times. Often you learn something from your failures and often you just plain our fail. The key is to keep trying. Our adult life is made up of your own choices. Don’t forget that. You choose what path to take, you accept the fact that you are the one responsible for your own gold, and consequently, your own happiness.

You need to believe in yourself. Simple. Period. Or your gold will end before it even begins. It doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of people telling you that you’re strong, smart or brave. Unless you believe it, it just won’t click. Your motivational golden mindset is something that can only come from within you and your choices. But here is the one thing that can help. You must surround yourself with people who are supportive, like-minded, spirited, encouraging, determined, positive, and kind. Those people who share that same golden mindset will help you flourish, uplift you, mentor you and together with that same elevated way of thinking will help execute your “gold”. And it will be even better to share it as it becomes a contagious golden journey. Then you have no other choice but to shed the people who are negative or drain your positivity of making choices that aren’t in lined with yours.

At STELLARGIRL we encourage, elevate and support your golden journey. Choose your gold and your destination will be at STELLARGIRL.


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