Eat breakfast and break your fast

We have all heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  Well, it is for many reasons, but it only “works” if you put the proper food into your body.

Sugary donuts, processed cereal, frozen waffles, are considered breakfast foods in America. None of them are considered good for you, and not what your body needs in the morning. Sure, there are occasions to treat yourself, but it should never be “junk” first thing in the morning and here is why…

Firstly, your body needs to be re-fueled or replenished with proper nutrients. Why? Because you are literally breaking a fast. When you sleep for 7 plus hours, your body is recharging and then needs proper nutrients to better optimize your day.

So first things first. Re-hydrate upon waking with a glass of water (hot water with lemon is the most beneficial for optimal digestion and to get your gut in check for the day), then have your cup of coffee because we are all human (lol)…. but then your body needs proper fuel, fiber, protein and natural carbohydrates like the ones found in fresh fruit. Whether you blend your breakfast (protein/fruit smoothie); have a green juice (hopefully with a plant-based or whey form of protein), an organic cup of Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and strawberries, a cup of oats with blueberries, or even avocado toast with eggs, you are on your way towards a healthy mind and body.

There is significant evidence that eating a healthy breakfast will be beneficial for the remainder of the day. If you consume a high protein, high fiber & low glycemic carbohydrate meal (a green juice with protein or a blended fresh fruit/veggie/Greek yogurt smoothie counts) within 2 hours of waking it will tremendously improve your brain function, prevent overeating throughout the day, give your body energy, kick start your metabolism, and prevent headaches and nausea. Consuming a healthy breakfast positively impacts our blood sugar levels (glucose), and the insulin that it brings to cells is used for energy for the rest of your day. You can’t run on empty; your metabolism will slow down and eventually cause weight gain as you are not putting fuel in the tank.

Breakfast boosts brain power, breakfast provides sustenance for whatever activities lay ahead, and a nutrient filled breakfast fuels your temple with physical strength. It is a healthy habit and perhaps your problem solver. Maybe you are feeling lethargic, unproductive and blah? Try breaking your fast with breakfast, the good kind!


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