Be Hopeful, have faith & have fun!

Hope & Faith – Equally Mighty!

These past 14 months have been nothing like we have ever experienced. At times it was discouraging, difficult, and devastating and all that we have to hold onto is hope. Hope that our world will heal, and hope that human beings will live their truth and be kind and respectful to themselves and others.

There is a difference between hope and faith. According to the Oxford Dictionary, faith and hope are defined as follows; “Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing, or a belief not based on proof. Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation or desire. Hope speaks of the future and faith speaks for the now in life”.

Looking ahead we have hope for a better future, and we have faith in what we can do today. Only you can choose a better “today” and a happier “now”. You will often hear the expression, “have faith”, or “have faith in yourself”. That is not based on something tangible. It is a belief system. You can use it as your personal mantra or to manifest change within yourself. You can also have faith in a higher power, in the biblical sense, or a religious wisdom you believe in.

Faith and hope are powerful beyond measure. You can’t measure either but they are both equally mighty. They are a way to cope and we look to hope and faith for guidance, reflection and support in a world with so many unanswered questions and unanswered prayers.

STELLARGIRLS not only inspire each other but we actually live out our most hopeful, faith filled lives. We put the work in, we don’t just hope for it we act on it. We are happy, grateful and authentic. We treasure ourselves and with hope and in our hearts STELLARGIRL has an optimistic state of mind. I will be forever hopeful and happy and strive to live out my most STELLARGIRL life!


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