Stronger Together

It never seizes to amaze me how powerful women can be when we support each other, work together, and share our stories. Women supporting women. It simply doesn’t get better than that. When we authentically have that mindset of cheering each other on instead of competing and comparing, we are unstoppable! That’s the mindset of a STELLARGIRL.

Being STELLARGIRL strong is being the champion of your life while elevating others with the same mindset. Be of strong mind, body, and soul. Be deliberate, be honest, be self- aware and live out that intention in all that you do. We all are unique and all have different strengths, but we can be stronger together. Life is best when we share it with others. That is why STELLARGIRLS share out stories and are co-inspirers. Our squad, our team, our friends who share in that “get up and GLOW” attitude will be the ones by your side through every high, every low, and keep us moving.

Women motivate each other. We inspire each other. We advocate for each other. Sure, you can climb the mountain alone, but it is more fun and rewarding to climb together; even if we have a different view from the top.

When I spoke to the Alina and Inessa Vike on Speaking STELLARGIRL (twin sisters who founded VIKE Beauty and created their signature award winning product, Makeup Melt), they said they are better together. They bounce ideas off each other, they bring different perspectives, they collaborate, they hype each other up, they take adventures together, learn together, and are now creating an empire together. These STELLARGIRLS are simply better together. They have fun, successes, overcome challenges, fears, and push each other to be present in the moment, but look forward to the future.  One highlight of our conversion was that they have an innate willingness to share their knowledge with other women who want to start a business, have an idea or need a mentor. They mentioned they were fortunate to have women help and guide them in their journey and they want to pay that forward. That’s so STELLARGIRL!


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