Create your own stellar style!

There is not one doubt in my mind that anyone who knows me will say that I am a clothes collector. I am obsessed with style & fashion that is unique to emerging designers. I love an unusual detail, I am obsessed with a cool vintage find, and when I am on the hunt to find something, I usually don’t settle! I know what I like and what I don’t, and I know what works on my body type. It is a given that when I travel the world, I purchase at least one piece of clothing made by a local designer from where I am visiting. It not only sends me back to that location when I wear it again, but I love pieces that are not mass produced. I love supporting local independent boutiques when I shop abroad, and I will also collect sentimental jewelry from a particular region or country.

That is also why I have been supporting the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Fashion Department since 2009. I am honored to be on the Fashion Council Committee where we donate and raise funds for scholarships for students in the fashion design department. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet come from the incredible talent and craftsmanship of these students. I will treasure and save those items forever! They are also one of a kind, and are pieces of art.

I was also a wardrobe stylist by trade for over a decade and still occasionally style photoshoots.  I continue to have about a half dozen clients in the Midwest and in Vancouver, Canada. I am sometimes called upon to put together looks for a vacation, special event, or even a seasonal look book! I love taking pieces from someone’s closet, buying a few new additions for that season and mixing the old with the new creating out of the box looks and surprises for my clients who would have never dreamed of layering different patterns or textures together. Or finding that insane vintage belt, shoe or statement jacket that stops a crowd and other fashion lovers take notice of what my client is wearing! I love to lend out my clothes to friends or family who need a little extra something for a wedding or special event and don’t feel like shopping and spending money. I always invite them to my closet, style them, and when I see that smile on their face, BAM, I nailed it because there is nothing like that “look” or feeling of confidence when you know you have a “wow ensemble” put together!

That is why I love the power of a good outfit, a “feel good” presence in a room, the fact that clothes speak volumes though the self-assurance of the body that is owning it. It is undeniably strong. It isn’t the most important thing, but if sure feels good to have a stellar outfit compliment your stellar smile and style!


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