Clothes Call

Style isn’t just in the way we dress, it’s how you walk, talk and show who and what you are.
Your style also shows through how you decorate your home, your office or what type of car or bike you have.
Stellargirl style speaks volumes without words, your clothes call to you and  make you “feel” a certain way. My bohemian glamour style can be twisted and touched up daily depending on my mood or where I am going or traveling to. But my car, my bike, my office, my home still screams “Teri “ because that is something I can’t change like my outfit.
My black Jeep Wangler with my Batman wheel cover; my yellow country cruiser with a basket (of course!);  my tufted yet super oversized comfy furniture in my classic home still has “Teri touches” like subtle rustic and industrial furnishings that also define me. I love framed photos of my family throughout the main hallways. I have a travel wall with ornate frames to compliment the country in the photo; a classic glass display case with vintage frames of my parents and grandparents wedding photos;
a suede wall to pin up the ever changing artwork of my four young children! Even our beach themed powder room is covered in black and white photos of the kids on every beach we’ve vacationed to!
Stellargirls, be YOU in everything you do!

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