Accessories are a total mood lifter

Accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  Also, they are one of the most affordable ways to keep up with the trends or to feel more refined. For me I don’t “match” my metals (I wear both yellow gold and silver on the same wrist), I never match my belt with my shoes and I rarely wear one necklace at a time.

However, accessories can be just for fun, make a bold statement or they can have tremendous sentimental meaning. I have an antique pendant necklace that was my grandmothers that has been in 4 drivers licenses and 3 passport pictures. I have a gold bracelet I haven’t taken off in 6 years, I wear the same thin gold toe ring that I got in Hawaii 15 years ago. I accessorize with costume jewelry, real gold, or diamond studs that I never take off. I select high- and low-end rotation items that I wear on repeat. I used to wear scarves, don’t know why I stopped…..also being super busy I find it a hassle to change up my handbag, so I usually stick with a cross body bag to keep my hands free. Yet, I do change up evening bags on vacation when I have more time and different places to go.

Are you a luxury, logo lover? Or a simple understated dresser? You can “hide” yourself or be mysterious behind a large pair of sunglasses.  You can cover up a bad hair day with a hat or show support for your favorite sports team by wearing their logoed baseball cap. Maybe you collect hats with the city written on the brim or the college you went to. Or perhaps you wear a head covering that is a part of your culture or religion and it is a “piece” of you.

I feel naked without my jewelry. It is symbolic and gives me peace. It is a “part” of me. Sneakers, boots, heels, mules, slides….yes, they are accessories but that will be an entire new blog of its own! But they are equally important. I sometimes base my entire look on my footwear….

Ok, back to the topic at hand…I do have something to share that’s on my bucket list… I can’t wait to head to the Kentucky Derby and wear an outlandish derby hat. Or even enjoy the weekend of festivities and dress up with more than one chic headpiece. Hmm, do I go for the traditional bowler hat, aka the billycock hat, or a cartwheel hat? Options…and that is why accessories are so much fun!


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