What Mental Health Means to Me

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What Mental Health Looks Like for Me 🧠

The Benefits of Therapy

I have such a loving and interesting relationship with therapy. Mental health is such a vital part of our overall health, it can’t just be a term that’s used loosely. As a topic that is paralyzing for some, we need to normalize the term and remove the stigma and fear around it.

This photo of me is from 10 years ago and I’ve been in and out of therapy since 2012, right around the time it was taken.

Formal therapy comes in so many forms. For me it is weekly or bi-weekly, one-on-one sessions with a therapist. I’ve had a few therapists, because of my change of locations, but every one has listened and guided me through life lessons, changes, turmoil, trauma and joy. They are an independent third party who observes from the outside in.

Therapy is interesting for me because some weeks or months I think, “Yeah, I’m good, I don’t need it right now,” but what I am learning through it all is that it is a process. It is only effective if you do the work, even when you don’t think there is any to do. Therapy works for me in addition to all the other things I do for myself!

Here are some of the benefits of therapy I’ve seen in my own life:

⚕️Organized my chaos.
⚕️Supported me through my waves of change.
⚕️Helped me release what no longer serves me.
⚕️A safe space to unleash everything on my mind and anything that weighs on my heart.
⚕️Helped me let shit go by understanding myself better.
⚕️Taught me that I can always grow, change, improve and self-reflect.
⚕️Continue to thrive and fly to do all the things I desire.
⚕️Gives me a different & sometimes a better perspective on certain situations.
⚕️Provides peace of mind and that to me is priceless.

I am sharing this to normalize the conversation and stigma around therapy in hopes that women seek out guidance to strengthen their mental health.


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