Mood Boosters

Instant Mood Boosters

Sometimes the wintery gloomy weather can take a toll on your mood. Here are some quick fixes & long-term energy boosters to defeat a “doomy” mood.

For instant pick me up’s…

  • Buy yourself flowers. They do not have to be pricy; my favorites are daisies and tulips. 🌼
  • Get your nails done, seriously, if you don’t already get regular manicures, it is a quick pick me up. 💅
  • Put on some color, a vibrant green or tangerine are my go-to colors! If you are committed to an all-black wardrobe or cool neutrals, add a vibrant scarf, colorful sneakers, a hot pink beanie, or an electric blue coat or bag. 👛
  • Pick up your bestie, blare your favorite song, and sing at the top of your lungs! Not kidding, try it you will be laughing at yourself before you know it. A good tune always puts you in a brighter mood. Music is magic like that 🎶
  • Have a cup of coffee and don’t forget it’s important to socialize and what’s better than a coffee bar with a comfy couch and a cool girlfriend! ☕️ It’s the world’s most popular drink for a reason! The caffeine and chlorogenic acid boosts your energy.

Kick start your long term positivity routine with some feel-good healthy habits that will have you feeling energized within 48 hours and will diminish your sluggish mood.

  • Start with incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into your eating regimen. Salmon, tuna and nuts are a great start. Aim for 3-4 times a week.
  • Eat a banana a day. They are full of B6, potassium, natural sugar and prebiotic fiber. Bananas stabilize your gut and your mood.
  • If coffee isn’t your thing, try drinking a cup of green tea every day for some energy or chamomile & lavender for their anti-anxiety effects. It could take up to 5 days to notice a difference.
  • The first decision you make in the morning shouldn’t be hitting the snooze button. Get out of bed and start your day with a cold shower or some exercise. A cold shower will decrease inflammation, get the blood pumping and wake you up! Try not hitting snooze for a week and see if you feel better and also have better quality of sleep.
  • Exercise or daily movement releases the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain that can help ease anxiety and improve mental health.
  • Get some sun therapy. I don’t care if it’s -2, 40 or 80 degrees outside, go for a middle of your workday walk or head out after dinner for 20 minutes and get some much needed fresh air. We have all been “stuck” inside. Remember when we didn’t have cell phones or video games and we didn’t come in until the sun went down? Sun is nature’s magic pill, so get your vitamin D dose the most natural way!
  • To best manage stress, another form of mood boosting magic is smiling. Yep, that simple, smile when you talk. Try it, either on the phone or in person. It will lift your spirits and the person you are chatting with. You don’t even realize it, but when you smile you instantly “speak happy”!
  • Have more social interactions. Yes, I went there. Get together with your friends or family. We have been in a solo spiral for almost two years. Human interaction is so incredible for our spirits, (so is a good hug or great sex!). We were not meant to isolate ourselves. It is not healthy and leads to a “depressed” state. Laugh more and worry less, it’s restorative time for your body, mind and spirit connection to be with others!
  • Pick up a book, an actual paper book, not a kindle and if reading is not your thing, try journaling or a 5 minute mindful meditation.

These quick fixes or lifelong healthy habits will be your best bet to beating the blues!

(If your symptoms are severe or persist, talk to a mental healthcare professional or your physician)


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