Emotional Muscle


What does that mean? For me it is knowing what makes my heart healthy and my mind calm. I need a good sweat. Exercise is my anchor and I found that starting my day with it supports my emotional muscle.  I prefer HIIT training or bootcamp over a 10K run but that’s exactly why there are different types of movement for any mood and every person. Your own “fun- fuel”!

My workouts are essential. A gym or a dance studio are my playgrounds. Hiking trails or the ocean are my sanctuaries.   However, I do prefer to workout with my social “sweatwork” of girlfriends, the Peleton treadmill community or my boyfriend.  By nature, we are happier amongst others, therefore building emotional muscle.

Now, more than ever, having a healthy lifestyle can build up your immunity which can speed up recovery from a cold, an injury or even Covid-19.  Having a chill afternoon on a rainy day or a relaxing evening is bliss.  Some downtime is essential butt laziness equates to complacency. Change your mindset and your body will follow.  If you are in funk, get energized outside and go for a walk. If you can’t go for a walk, wake up your brain with a good book, or listen to a guided mediation. Building emotional muscle converts to emotional strength. Simply put you just found your “fun-fuel”!

Stellargirls are happy and hopeful. De-stress together, take care of yourself and all your muscles!

Teri xo


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