Dear Stellargirls

Dear Stellargirls,

Travel is a big part of my life and through Stellargirl we all have the opportunity to share those experiences with each other as we explore new cities and countries! I believe travel is truly a great unifier; an act that allows us to take on new views and perspectives. I want to see the cultural meccas in the world’s greatest cities, view local styles and fashions, jump into a waterfall in the middle of the rainforest in Australia, dive the Great Barrier Reef, take a sand buggy into the rolling hills in the hot desert in Dubai, and stroll through the markets in Marrakech in search of a rare, silken fabric.

These grand moments are the stories that we’ll never forget, but all the little memories are just as meaningful as a part of our travels. I’ve been terrified in a leaking boat as we traversed the packed waterways of Thailand in search of the perfect wooden bowls and the authentic kimono that was given to me in Hong Kong are enviable pieces from my travels that influence my style and fill my closet and home. I’ll forever remember skiing the slopes in Whistler, BC with my family, walking the beaches in Mallorca Spain, the black sand in Tenerife, strolling the endless cobblestone streets in Paris, walking the Red Light district in Amsterdam, exploring the dozens of  hidden beaches Ibiza, climbing the steps in Gaudí’s Surrealist Park in Barcelona, wandering into a pub in Dublin and hearing the best Bon Jovi cover band ever, gingerly climbing on the back of a rickshaw in the scooter littered streets of Vietnam, or wrapping my body, head and face and being totally awe inspired by the mosques in Abu Dhabi. Simply ALL incredible! ALL forever ingrained in my mind! And ALL blessed in my heart!





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