STELLARGIRL gives back with BOXT

STELLARGIRL is excited to announce its partnership with BOXT, the female-founded and run, venture-backed, luxury boxed wine company that gives back. Our BOXT Gives Back partnership will donate a portion of all sales to Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs in Appleton, WI. Harbor House is the largest safe shelter for women and children in the state and its purpose is to break the stigma of abuse, offer refuge to survivors, and create pathways to empowerment.

Because STELLARGIRL is a movement, a community and brand that inspires, supports and STELLARBRATES women; and because we want women everywhere to know their worth, shine bright and embrace their own beautiful, Harbor House is the perfect partner for us.

Sarah Puil, the founder of BOXT, told me that she recognized a need in the marketplace to foster diversity, equity, environmental stewardship and social good. “We’re reimagining the way we all enjoy a glass of wine at home, but we are so much more than that. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to show up and not only create an incredible experience with BOXT, but to do it in a way that creates sustainability and positive social impact. The best way we can do that is to extend our reach by partnering with other incredible organizations like STELLARGIRL, that are doing good in the world, and give back by creating relationships and community around shared values and helping others,” she said.

I am thrilled to be partnering with BOXT Gives Back, working alongside Sarah, who is a brilliant STELLARGIRL. She created a company from scratch, pursued her idea of re-inventing wine in a box, raised 3.5 million in three months and DID IT! Her mission of changing the way we all enjoy a glass of fine wine from home with a simple membership based program accompanied with your own concierge to assist you along the way is simply genius!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’m featuring BOXT and Sarah on the Speaking STELLARGIRL podcast, out this week, where the we discuss Sarah’s journey and how being a female founder of a company, a foundation or a movement is about micro change and how that looks different for everyone.

As Sarah says in the podcast, “You have to sometimes meet people where they are, so that they can be heard and seen by you so that you can take a step forward, and that step forward is progress as opposed to comparing. Micro movements make up change.”

BOXT Gives Back partners with friends, influencers, nonprofits and other organizations to give back by donating a portion of all sales on behalf of their partners’ chosen charities or causes. To learn more or start your own give back program, email You can also become a member at and follow what they’re up to on Instagram @drinkboxt.

To be part of a movement that is making change and forward progress without comparison, join the STELLARGIRL movement! Champion women and support, inspire and celebrate each other while having fun!


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