Glow, Sparkle & Be Happy!

Dear Stellargirls,

Our Glimmer Lotion is scientifically linked to optimism, happiness and positivity! Yay!

A quote from SHAPE magazine Dec 2020 “Glitter makeup is fun and flattering, and you’re actually programmed to be attracted to it, according to the journal Ecological Psychology. Humans subconsciously associate things that sparkle with water, which shimmers in the light and is a resource that our brains are hardwired to seek out, says fashion psychologist, Dr. Dawnn Karen the author of Dress Your Best Life. That natural draw makes us more attractive to others who wear it and boosts your mood. Wearing glimmer and glitter can instill a sense of power and optimism.” Dr. Karen concludes

Glitter, sparkle and glimmer have “an allover potential to look positively brilliant”. Amen to that. STELLARGIRLS glow, so naturally our skin should too!

Also Shape magazine quotes world renowned make-up artist, Katie Jane Hughes, who has worked with numerous celebrities, such as Ashley Graham, Rosie Huntington-Whitleley, and major publications such as Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar, says “applying a microfine glitter on the shoulders, shins, or anywhere else that catches the light can be super sexy.”  Ok so now our glimmer lotion not only is proven to enhance your mood and make you feel sexier? C’mon now!

I guess after years of wearing my own DIY concoction of shimmer/glitter lotion because it makes me happy actually has science behind it! Our signature lotion was developed because it made me smile putting on sparkling lotion every day; and everywhere I went girls of all ages would ask where I got it! So why not make the most glittery, shimmery, sparkly allover lotion available to those who need a little more joy and fun in our lives!

Optimist, glowy, sparkling skin is here to stay. Hurray!

Teri xo


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