My Skin Health

I am definitely no “skinfluencer” that is for sure.  I grew up using Sea Breeze toner, yes that really “dates” me but it’s not as crazy as when my friends and I applied baby oil to our skin and laid out on the grass with tinfoil taped to cardboard to get the best reflection angle of the sun…yep…not good. That was the early 90’s… skincare health has changed!

I did battle cystic acne in my mid 30’s and thought it would never end. After spending thousands of dollars on lasers, facials, every over the counter acne treatment, about half a dozen acne prescription medication, eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten NOTHING worked.  Miraculously after 3 photodynamic treatments set 4 months apart, (yeah, they really hurt), my acne cleared up about 6 months after my final treatment. Yippee!

Now, I keep my routine simple. Yes, at times I get roped into to trying the newest eye cream, but I keep coming back to my loyal favs.  I started using SK11 brand right after my PDT treatments. The ingredient, pitara saved my skin. Seriously. It healed it. I will never, I mean never stop using it every single day! I wash my face in the morning with AVENE thermal water on a cotton round pad then I use 4 drops of Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic. After my workout and shower, I splash SK11 Pitera Essence over my face and neck, then I dab on Neocutis, Lumiere eye cream and lastly apply Elta MD Suncreen before any makeup. I continuously mist rosewater or a hydration setting spray throughout the day to keep my skin feeling dewy and plus I love the scent, it gives me an energy boost!  I put on STELLARGIRL glimmer lotion to my upper body every day because I love to sparkle and, in the fall/winter I’ll use Aveno lotion on my legs and feet.

At night, combined with warm water I use Cerave hydrating facial cleaner (it removes all eye make-up too), followed with Bobbi Brown hydrating face toner,  a dollop of SK11 RNA power cream and lastly, Innisfree spot treatment before I go to bed. I found Innisfree in South Korea. The women have such beautiful skin there!

Before heading to bed, I apply organic coconut oil from a jar all over my body. It liquifies once you rub it into your hands and then I apply to my skin from my neck down to my feet.

Gee, it sure looks like a lot of work when you write it down but literary takes 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night! Sleep tight, wake up, and repeat!

Love, Teri xo


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