Mist & Spritz: Dry skin as the weather drops? Try a hydrating spray!

Mist & Spritz

I may know what you are thinking…why would you need to hydrate and mist your face throughout the day? Well, your skin gets thirsty, you need to quench your skin often, it is not enough to drink water once the morning and once again at night, you drink water all day long, same goes with your face. It is not enough to moisturize in the A.M. and again before you rest your head.

Hydrating mists are essential to my daily routine. I spritz and spray every hour or two on an airplane, driving, at the office, when I freshen up my make up when I go out, I am always quenching my thirsty skin. There is a misconception that it will ruin your make up but it does the opposite, it “sets” your make up all day and gives you that dewy, fresh, clean look.

Most of the hydrating mists have a slight fragrance, so make sure you read the ingredients on the bottle so you are using the once that is best for you and your skin type.
Some contain Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid which provide optimal nutrients for your face. They soothe and calm the skin. Other benefits like being a constant “cool down” and rejuvenation for the face, they help regulate sebum production beneath the surface and control it, so you don’t get too dry or too oily. Another major reason for the popularity of facial mists is that when your skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier gets weaker, which allows collagen and elastin to break down faster as well.

Some of my favorites are Wander Beauty’s Mist Connection, Beia Hydration Mist, Jane Iredale Hydration Spray & Olay Ultimate Hydration Essence. I also carry a good mini size of any of the above in my purse wherever I go!

So mist away, spritz up and glow on with healthy, hydrated skin!


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