Our Story

STELLARGIRL is on a mission to create a celebrated movement that inspires women to be stellar in all that they are, all that they do, and all that they aspire to become. Being a STELLARGIRL is a mindset that encapsulates and encourages women and girls to live out their personal passions with purpose. We are the leading avatar for extraordinary women that let their stellar selves shine!

Our community treasures the causes that STELLARGIRLS truly believe in, what they represent, and how they value their self worth. STELLARGIRLS are diverse, awe-inspiring, and ingenious. They embrace a lifestyle of health, fitness, style, fashion, travel, and beauty. STELLARGIRLS soar with bold and gold attitudes! The word “stellar” is being the best at whatever you aspire to become.  They live their best life with a dose of glamour, a spunk in their step and a smile in their heart.  STELLARGIRLS rise and shine above the rest ! STELLARGIRL is a platform that highlights and celebrates the journey and destination of amazing women from all over the world.  

Inspired by co-founder Teri Tkachuk’s journey of reinvention and entrepreneurial spirit, STELLARGIRL aims to fill a void in popular culture that overlooked an essential message. The STELLARGIRL message champions women to be the best version of themselves while living a healthy, stylish and adventurous life! Through STELLARGIRL, women can celebrate being extraordinary, successful, stylish and strong. 

Our voices heard, our stories told, our journeys unfold…

Dear Stellargirls,

My version of being a Stellargirl is personified by my spirit of motivation, modernity, and all that glitters! I became who I am today not only through my experiences and grit, but also by the people I have surrounded myself with.

Stellargirls are strong, proud, talented, brave, and love life! We are those “get up and go” girls who get things done and totally kick butt! We genuinely pull each other up and never tear each other down.

We are radiant, authentic, confident, and fierce. We are stylish, distinguished, and above all determined. We are warm hearted and enthusiastic. We have opinions while remaining classy, poised, and honest. Our smiles make a room more beautiful because we shine bright always!

I can’t wait to hear from you! Calling all Stellargirls to follow me and share your Stellargirl story!

STELLARGIRL Co-Founder Teri Tkachuk

About Teri Tkachuk

Teri’s tenure in the talent management industry, published fashion editor, guest television style host, wardrobe stylist, style maven, personal trainer, fitness model, business owner, and philanthropist have allowed her to truly embody the spirit of a Stellargirl.

Teri’s ambition and energy are infectious. She educates her clients through fitness and wellness, and her street-style influences fashion seekers and instigates conversation.

Since 2010, Teri has served as a member on the honorary Fashion Committee at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This Fashion Council is an important group of advisors and donors to SAIC’s award-winning department of fashion design.

Members are professionals in the fashion industry, artists, philanthropists, civic leaders, and fashion enthusiasts. They provide leadership and support to the department by serving as mentors for students, connectors to the fashion industry, and donors to the Fashion Council Scholarships. Through this cause, Teri helps the uber-talented emerging graduates of SAIC thrive in their chosen passion to create art through fashion and design.