Even if it’s late, or I am extremely tired I swear I do this pose for 10-20 minutes every night before I go to sleep…I elevate my legs up on a wall or the back of the bed frame because it honestly improves my sleep. Here are the therapeutic benefits.

❤️‍🩹Relaxes your heart rate, sometimes I meditate during this time or I just put my phone away and listen to music.
💤Improves the quality of your sleep.
🤕It can help reduce headaches & back pain
⨐ improves circulation.
👣 Reduces inflammation in your ankles and legs, relieves tension & fatigue your feet & even the hips.
😌 Calms the mind, the nervous system, lowers stress and anxiety.

Give it a try! Trust me!

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Teri Working out,

A good sweat requires equally good re-hydration. Hydrate an hour prior to your workout, drink small sips of water throughout your sweat session, and keep your tank full if you are exercising for over an hour with the proper electrolytes like sodium, magnesium and potassium.

Sweat actually hydrates the skin for period of time which is extremely beneficial but don’t forget that if it sticks around too long it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. So hit the shower or a least wash your face with a gentle cleanser without stripping the skin within 30 minutes of a good sweat. Having a cold shower after a good sweat session is an added bonus to your circulatory system

Heating up your natural sprinklers boosts your mood, metabolism and immune system, naturally rids your body of toxins, increases circulation within your lymphatic system & who doesn’t want all that

Sweat is healthy, it means your body temp is elevated over 98.6 degrees and enters into a cooling mechanism that keeps our core safe

“Sweat it out” is a phrase that we should listen to, whether we sweat it out in the gym, on the slopes, or even in an infrared sauna, the benefits of sweating does the body good.

Brighten your attitude, strengthen your health and “SWEAT IT OUT”!

Next time you have a stellar workout, run a few miles outside, get in a kayak, tag us @stellargirlofficial and we will post your win for the day!

Celebrate the small changes, it takes time to see physical results so take the mental win everyday!

Progress over perfection, if you miss a day of movement, allow yourself a day of grace and pick back up tomorrow

Associate exercise with positive thoughts, be grateful for what you CAN do vs. what you cannot

View exercise & moving your body as privilege, do not take it for granted

Try something new, I gave Aerial Yoga a whirl during my last minute trip to the Dominican Republic. It was challenging, both mentally and physically and if you are stuck on the treadmill or need to spice up your workout routine, I highly recommend it!

Have a goal. Whether you wear a fitness tracker of use your phone, maybe it’s to surpass 10,000 steps a day

Perhaps you are training for a 5K, a marathon or adventure that requires cardiovascular endurance.

Or your goal could be to gain strength, add muscle and lower your body fat. Regular, consistent exercise does just that.

Do not compare yourself to others. Healthy bodies are stellar – shaped.

Do you sweat for your mental health? It is proven that exercise lowers stress, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and depression, negative moods and improves self-esteem and cognitive function.

🧠 when you wake up in the morning, your subconscious mind must be nudged. Your subconscious mind is paying attention to the words your conscious mind is saying/thinking. So if you think “oh today is going to be a bad day or I don’t want to do xyz, you already programmed your subconscious mind to do that and you are setting yourself up to have a “bad day”. SO, instead nudge your brain when you wake up. and as soon as your feet hit the floor say; “Today is going to be a STELLAR day, a GREAT DAY”

Your self image will now be set up and programmed to have an amazing day!

⏰ hitting snooze is the first worse decision you make every day. Set your alarm and get up!

🪞look in the mirror and say hello to how you are going to show up today. If you feel anxious, say “hello” to your anxiety, acknowledge it exists. Tell it to go away for a little while and your will get back to it later! Now say one thing you are grateful for because gratitude changes your attitude immediately.

😮‍💨 breathe in box, draw an imaginary square in the air in front of you while you do it if you have to; (I learned this technique from Ali Starr)…..deep inhale for 4 counts…hold for 4 counts…exhale for 4 counts… pause for 4 counts…repeat 4 times

🚪 shut all the open tabs in your brain. Open one at a time. ☑️ them off in your written or google calendar. 🗓Seriously, actually check mark them as done or cross them out. At the end of your day, you will look back and see how much you have accomplished.

⏸ pause, yes literally pause when you are going to react to an elevated or explosive situation at work, with your kids, with your partner. There is “power in the pause”. Seriously, try it, pause for 5-10 slow counts (count in your head slowly) and you will be surprised how your body and mind shift and how you act instead of reacting when you hit that pause in your brain 😊

Don’t forget to accessorize. Add at least 3 multi length necklaces, stack some bracelets, add a scarf of a headband into your hair and voila, instant style on the go with minimal effort!

Layer up. If you are into basics, start with denim or black pants, add a tank, and blouse, hooded sweatshirt or sweater and layer with a blazer. A blazer elevates any look; if you are in leggings, denim, bike shorts, a midi dress or a maxi skirt, adding a blazer equals effort.

Leaving the house? You have to factor in the weather. Also if you live in a city or it’s a travel day and you are walking everywhere, please put on some fashion runners or comfortable walking boots to support your back, legs and feet. Be stylish but practical.

If you are staying in and working at home put on a matching lounge set, put your hair up, add a little lip gloss and cute slippers. Getting ready for your self is not selfish. It’s self care

Once you have your schedule for the day whether it is a work from home day, travel day, office day, errand day, brunch date or dinner and drinks you can start thinking about what to wear.

Check the weather, this may seem obvious but it 100% determines what you wear.

Start with footwear and build from there. Seriously, do you have to stand or walk blocks or a mile today, your footwear is most important. Does your job involve being on your feet all day, are you travelling or attending an evening event, you need the right footwear. Again, the weather plays into your footwear so start with your feet! 👠👟🩴

Layer, layer, layer. Layering your top with a button down, a sweater, a bralette over a tee or even adding a scarf will have you looking put together👚 If it is warm out layer your jewelry.

Add a blazer for instant style. Yes, even add a blazer with a tank and shorts will elevate your outfit.

Ask yourself how you are feeling. Seriously, are you feeling playful, colorful, confident, or maybe just need something comfortable. Dress for your mood.

If you love black wear it, if you love neutrals, where them, if you love green, do it! Always wear what makes you FEEL good!

I don’t care if you stay home all day but get dressed. You will feel better, put on a matching set even if it’s cute sweatpants and hoody

Dress for your stellar shaped body 🤗

If you want lasting results change your mindset, move with intention and turn it into a priority, not an option.

Monday-Saturday I get up between 5:45am and 6:15am. Sundays I try to sleep until 7am:). (when you wake up early or at a similar time every morning you reap the benefits of good habits which lead to a more energetic, well rested, stress free and punctual healthy you!).

I try not to check my phone or scroll social media until after I workout, go for a power walk or do a Melissa Wood Health workout if I am crunched for time green juice and or a protein shake with greens immediately post workout.

A consistent routine including getting dressed and ready, even if you don’t put much make up on, you will find yourself being more productive and you will conquer your day with more energy, mindfulness and less stress. I promise it’s going to make a world of difference 😊

Remember that nothing is happening TO YOU, it it happening FOR YOU. For example, you find yourself confronted by an obstacle, you change and re-program your reaction to thinking and saying, “ok, what can I learn from this?” or “how can I grow and figure out how to maneuver and solve the issue or problem?” versus living in the “victim” mentality of “why me?”

CELEBRATE one win every single day, yes every single day. It can be as small as making your bed that morning, maybe for you it’s overcoming a health issue or graduating college or landing your dream job. Maybe you fasted for 12 hours, maybe you got back to the gym today, or didn’t eat refined sugar. Take a moment and CELEBRATE YOU! You don’t have to crack open the champagne, you need to say to yourself, hey,” I wasn’t late to anything today” or “I booked my first solo vacation” therefore celebrating YOU. Changing your mindset to owning your worth; your small and your big achievements.

If you want lasting results change your mindset, move with intention and turn it into a priority, not an option.

If you want lasting results change your mindset, move with intention and turn it into a priority, not an option.

Allow yourself to have FUN, you deserve it!

🌾 HYDROLYZED OATS this leaves a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, drying to a velvety smoothness and forms a light, shiny but tackless film

🌰 SHEA BUTTER super hydrating and creates a thicker and richer formulation

🥑 AVOCADO OIL fatty acids help nourish the skin and provide additional nutrients

☀️ TITANIUM DIOXIDE a UV filtering Ingredient within sunscreens and a wonderful mineral addition into the formula

🌊 GLYCERIN a usetul moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations

💦 WATER the majority of our body composition and ideal way to nourish our skin

Try incorporating a pro/prebiotic. There are many out there on the market make certain you are checking with your Doctor to implement the right one! Gut health is key to healthy glowing skin! 😘

Protect your skin with sunscreen on a daily. Wearing it protects your skin so you still can go outside and get healthy sunshine and your daily dose of vitamin D.

Eat Omaga rich foods and try taking Omega supplements. Omegas are a critical component in building skin cell walls. Strong cell walls are extra important. These are the cells that form a barrier to the outside world. It is their job to keep moisture in and to keep irritants out. Omega rich foods are critical to also reduce inflammation within our bodies which reflect our skin health

Sleep, yes sleep is your “magic pill”. Aim for 7-8 hours a night. 😴

Wash your face gently, double cleanse at night and make certain you get a facial once a season. Ideally once a month but I can never swing that so I aim for once a season. The weather impacts our skin tremendously and your facial should be tweaked according to climate and what it needs to thrive

Don’t eat processes foods, fast food or food with refined sugar

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, water only please 💦

Put your phone away 30 minutes before you lay down, read watch a show, journal, or even meditate,

Organize your day the day before so you rest your head on your pillow so your mind and body will have a deep, restful sleep. Going to bed with panicked thoughts of your “to-do” list for next day will deplete the quality of your sleep so complete your calendar to keep you organized

Start new healthy habits like drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before your coffee, making your bed or adding greens into your first meal of the day

Stick with it, find a workout that works for you and keep practicing

Change your mindset and remember that consistency is key. Regardless of what type of goals you have, they require a consistent level of training and thought reset in order for you to reach them.

Look at food as a healthy relationship with yourself. Would you be around toxic people? No, so don’t put toxic food into your body. 🤗

Look at changing the way you choose your fuel. Eat organic when you can, don’t eat anything processed or with chemicals. Don’t consume food with aspartame, sucralose, dyes and preservatives.

Understand that I am not eliminating carbs. Most don’t even know that there are low-glycemic carbohydrates in nuts, legumes, beans, veggies, and fruit so you are already eating them. When people think carbs they automatically think bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. and those are the ones you should limit. Note I am NOT saying eliminate I am saying limit those types to 2 “ish” times a week.

Choose fiber/green vegetables and protein (fish, tofu, beans, chickpeas or lean meat) at lunch and dinner. Also incorporate healthy fats like avocados, nuts and “dairy”.

Have a glass of room temperature water before, during or after you eat

You can’t out-train an unhealthy eating

Chew your food slowly, enjoy it and eat without rushing

Break your fast with fruit. I always have fruit in my protein shake in the morning or if I am running out the door for an early flight or meeting I grab a banana.

Intermittent fasting is a thing. But don’t really look at it too seriously because you are probably already doing it. In the US a “normal” dinner time is sometimes as early at 5:30pm but usually between 6 and 8pm. So you are probably already “fasting” 12 hours without actually thinking about it. I try to eat dinner by 6pm, 7:00pm at the latest. I am usually in bed by 10 or 11pm. I wake up around 5:30/6am and after I have water, coffee & workout it’s 830am so I have already fasted at least 12 hours sometimes 14 hours. So without too much thought I am already giving my body a chance to “fast”

Don’t count calories. Just don’t. The “recommended” 1200-1500 calories a day for women not enough. Seriously, it’s stressful and it isn’t necessary

👟👠🩴 please bag your footwear. the airport and bathroom floors are full of 🦠 and also you never shake all the sand out so bag your footwear so they do not touch your clothing and intimates

👝pack your sunscreen and over 3ounce toiletry bottles in a double ziplock baggie so they don’t explode all over your clothing

👙 bring only three swimsuits that you can mix and match and use the bikini tops or one pieces as tops with wide leg pants for an afternoon or evening outfit

👚roll your shorts, t-shirts and all casual attire you will fit so much more into your suitcase

🧳 to arrive at your location with crease free outfits, go to the dry cleaners two days before you leave and have your dresses and evening looks steamed and put into separate dry cleaning plastic, I swear they will not be crease if folded in to your suitcase on top of every thing else in separate hanging plastic wrapped pieces!

🌥 check the weather three days before you leave and try on every event or evening outfit including accessories, bags and shoes, you will stress less once you arrive knowing you are organized for each evening and day look. try to make sure your footwear and handbags can worn 2-3 times so you are only packing 4 pairs of footwear in addition to your travel day shoes. bring only your carrying on purse, two evening bags and one beach bag that can serve as double duty day bag if walking and exploring, only bring a backpack if you are hiking or taking day trips away from your hotel.

Rest, show your body grace, if you can take a nap, take one, if you can get to bed by 9pm do it! It is the best recovery!

Blast your immune system with Vitamin C packs in your water and don’t forget your probiotics. Take 2-3 magnesium tablets before bed to flush out your digestive track.

Oxygenate. Go for a 2-4 mile brisk walk outside the next morning.

Elevate your legs up on the wall for 20 minutes before you go to bed to decrease inflammation and increase relaxation.

Clean your make up brushes, exfoliate your face and apply a hydrating face mask the first night back. Take a hot then a cold shower to rejuvenate and circulate your cells. If you dry brush, (I highly recommend it) do that after you shower before massaging body oil in to your skin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink 4-5 liters of water to flush out your system. Traveling is extremely dehydrating.

Pick up groceries so that your fridge is full of healthy choices

Unpack. Yes, I know every one dislikes it but don’t procrastinate. Separate your laundry, dry cleaning and get the contents of your suitcase organized and put away.

Nature is my favorite art gallery, get outside and really look around, walk through your city, town or country side

Take polaroid photos or get some of your favorite images printed, buy some frames and create your own art wall of your favorite places, people or self portraits

Surround yourself with simple home decor updates that make up your happy place

Even if you think you can’t paint or sketch, you can still get creative, head to a craft store and get those brushes and a simple neutral palette and surprise yourself

As NY Fashion Week wraps up, I love to look at WWD for street style images from independent photographers

Go the the book store, not amazon. spend time in your favorite aisle, mine is the travel, decor and fashion path… my bestie loves cookbooks and fiction novels.. but that’s why i love an actual book store. spend some time & flip through pages and “get lost”…

be a kid again, go to the park, sit on the swings, make a picnic lunch, ride your bike to get fresh flowers, get outdoors!

buy tickets to a live music concert or festival

get your besties together and open up the wine, get a cookbook and make dinner together and don’t forget to make a mess because you are making memories

Iif FUN for you is socializing and going out, then turn up the tunes and sing aloud to your favorite song, dance around your bathroom while you are getting date night ready!

if FUN for you is just be in “chill mode”, then take that hour long bubble bath, binge watch Netflix, take yourself out for sushi and a movie

sleep in, stay up late, read a book 📖 for an entire day, dance the night away with your girlfriends, have some champagne 🥂

Allow yourself to have FUN, you deserve it!

take a weekend off social media once a month, you need to check in with yourself and your loved one’s and not check Instagram.

⚖️transformation & trust yourself

💦 moves through everything & is so powerful, try to spend time near a large body of water & see its beauty

🤍create a sacred space, get the junk of the world out & live out your magic with mindful & living meditation, breathe it in & exhale whatever doesn’t serve you 💫

🎨now is the perfect day to start something new, a new hobby, class, new healthy habit

🕯light a candle which signifies bringing more light into our lives & the universe will shine on you

✍️worthwhile, clear intentions, the new moon brings energy boosts, new inspiration