Traveling in 2020

Dear Stellargirls,

My wanderlust was ready to overflow by the end of this year…

Taking a trip, a vacation, a holiday as us Canadians say is not as scary as it has recently been made out to be. You follow the regulations of the country in which you are traveling to. You adhere to their guidelines; get a Covid test 72 hours before you board your flight; wear a mask in the airport and on the airplanes; and in our case, we were tested 4 days after we arrived in French Polynesia. There is extensive paperwork to be filled out with their government prior to boarding the flight, sharing all your interisland travel, your accommodations, transfers and even some expedition details, but it was all worth it.  I want to be sensitive to those who cannot travel during this time but also let you know that it was not irresponsible. If countries are welcoming tourists, they are opening their economy. The restaurants, local tour guides, small resorts all need to be supported and I am grateful for every moment and experience.

Waking up after 22 hours of travel, the French Polynesia surpassed any photo I saw online. To see the crystal-clear water, endless miles of white sand, the baby blue lagoon with knee deep water extending for miles until the reef breaks into the dark blue deep ocean was breath taking. The locals were so welcoming and knowledgeable. They shared the land’s history, the precious stories of the wildlife, environmental preservations of the tropical birds, flowers, plants, bread fruit, and the mini pineapple plantations were remarkable. The conservation and respect they possessed for every motu (there are 118 islands in the FP) was extraordinary.  Bora Bora, Moreea, Tahiti and the private islands were all beyond stunning. I can’t say which day or evening was better than the next.

Jumping into the unspoiled water from the bungalow, lounging in hammocks, hovering in the sand, snorkeling with the most beautiful fish, going deeper to swim with the sharks, kayaking in the lagoons, taking an ATV through the hills and mountains, holding stingrays, eating fresh caught fish every evening and speaking their native French language couldn’t have been a more perfect getaway.


Stay safe, be brave!

Teri xo

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