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STELLARGIRL - a guide for women to learn how to self-celebrate, own their ambition & champion others to do the same.
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STELLARGIRL – a guide for women to champion themselves, embody self-celebration and cultivate fierce self love.
STELLARGIRL’S vision is to change the narrative by guiding women to unapologetically celebrate our successes.
STELLARGIRLS elevate their style, wellness and mindset by incorporating self-celebration practices into their lifestyle and owning their self worth.
STELLARGIRLS seek new experiences and adventures as fuel for inspiration to  re-ignite their spirit.
STELLARGIRLS are passionate and we rise together with confidence, positivity and kindness. We aspire to achieve progress and growth every day, be it a micro change or a major win!
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It’s time to SPARKLE UP YOUR LIFE! Elevate yourself while you inspire others to do the same.
STELLARGIRL Co-Founder Teri Tkachuk

Meet STELLARGIRL Founder & CEO Teri Tkachuk


Meet Teri Tkachuk, CEO and founder of STELLARGIRL, the wellness, mindset, style and adventure guide for curating your elevated self. She’s your personal hype girl and shows you how to implement self-celebration practices into your “daily”.

Teri is dedicated to changing the narrative around women and ambition. She has learned how to cultivate fierce self-love, talk about her successes and now hosts connection, collaboration and celebration events for women. She continues to grow and learn as she coaches and inspires other women to prioritize themselves and self-celebrate. When you have your mindset and heart-set aligned, you can breathe into your most stellar self.

She shares her vision through her blog; her self-celebration guide on; her 80+-episode podcast, SPEAKING STELLARGIRL, where she interviews passion-driven women around the world; her current partnership as a style guest-contributor for FOX and her bi-monthly events in partnership with RiseUp Experiences that champion women.

Teri’s grit and work ethic came after graduating with a BA in languages, during her decade-long tenure with Bruce Allen Talent, where the company managed high-profile celebrity artists and athletes. This is where she learned that working under pressure was a powerful resource and motivator for her. That experience defined Teri’s standards of success: never taking no for an answer, always going above and beyond and owning every one of her mistakes – and she made many. Her ideal is not perfection, but leveling up and never settling for mediocrity.

Teri is multilingual and travels the world for work and play, thriving in the magnetism of global cultural experiences. She has reinvented herself every decade, from wellness to fitness, style to travel and through each of her career experiences – as a guest style contributor on ABC, a fashion editor, a wardrobe stylist, a personal shopper, a personal trainer, and a fitness model – she signed with Stewart Talent Chicago in 2010 and still continues as a commercial print model today. She also actively sits on the board of the Fashion Committee of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, raising funds for student scholarships – a position she’s held since 2009.

She now lives in the present moment with her true love and their four children. She is an avid adventurer and her family loves to travel together. She is a charity advocate for safe shelters for women and her mission is to inspire and guide women to own their stellarness and to share their stories – all while leaving a little sparkle behind!

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