Traveling for work and play takes me away from my “normal” eating regimen; when I get home I can’t wait to get back to fueling my body with makes me feel energized, keeps my gut healthy and my skin glowing. However, when I travel to Europe I do feel my best because there are no preservatives in their food, no dyes, no hormones in their meats and little to no pesticides in their fruit and vegetables.  Unfortunately,  that is not my “normal”. The processed foods in the USA are full of “crap” so I avoid them. I never eat fried food at restaurants or fast food.  I try to purchase my meat when I can locally and I wash my veggies and fruit in grapefruit seed extract to wash away any pesticides or bugs.

Here is what I  “normally” eat in day. It is one of the most asked questions I get when I speak publicly, conduct workshops, or questions that slide into my dm’s. 

💦Glass of filtered water upon waking, sometimes with lemon (I continue to drink 5 liters throughout the day).
☕️One large cup of black coffee.
🥬Home pressed fresh green juice with organic celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon (pre or post workout depending on how I feel).
🍳Scrambled eggs with half or an entire avocado with sourdough toast or sometimes turkey bacon or pork bacon.
If I consume protein, veggies and healthy fat over fruit or yogurt and granola for breakfast, I am full for longer and do not crave anything sweet. 
If I am hungry I eat, I will grab a unsalted almonds if I am at the office or at meetings or sometimes a frozen mango protein shake with a scoop of Jay Robb protein powder or Truvani vanilla protein powder if I am working from home.
🧀I’ll slice a piece of cheese with maybe some crackers a few hours later if I am working from home.
🥒Veggies with hummus is also another go-to snack.  If I don’t have access to veggie starters, I add a splash of organic apple cider vinegar into a little water to not have my glucose levels spike before I eat any meal.
If I have two snacks during the day after breakfast I am usually ok until dinner .
🍣Dinner is always a large portion of veggies, protein in form of lean steak or salmon or turkey. I recently stopped eating chicken because it starting affecting my stomach in a negative way. I also add boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes with a little sea salt and freshly shredded parmesan. I love making homemade tacos too! 🌮
🫖I also just started to incorporate a cup of caffeine free tea to wind down before bed. I really enjoy chamomile, peppermint or detox tea. 

I rarely eat dessert because I don’t crave sweets anymore. I used to but since I started eating around stabilizing my glucose levels I feel so much better and am full for longer periods of time. When I eat out, I am still careful of what I order. I will treat myself to the fresh bread or perhaps some pasta with clams or lobster mac & cheese but generally I eat a salad with a protein or a fresh sea bass or halibut entree. My weakness is guacamole and chips but I love cucumber slices or jicama with guac just as much. I love how clean, fresh foods make me feel and when I eat anything processed  I feel like crap within the hour, get a headache or get bloated. It doesn’t mean I don’t have a piece of carrot cake now and again I just limit it.😋

See a List of Teri’s Tips

Check out our Flip Book to Get Started on Your Stellar Journey

Where are you going today? This is important because even if you have zooms from your kitchen, have a corporate job, are running errands or volunteering today you need know you destination and dress for your destination.

Check the weather, this may seen obvious but it 100% determines what you wear.

If you love black wear it, if you love neutrals, where them, if you love green, do it! Always wear what makes you FEEL good!

I don’t care if you stay home all day but get dressed. You will feel better, put on a matching set even if its cute sweatpants and hoody

Dress for your stellar shaped body 🤗

Fall fashion is my favorite here are my 7 seasonal staples to elevate your style, stay warm and achieve a pulled together polished look:

  • Oversized blazer is a must this fall, layer over a cozy knit or hoodie for instant street style.
  • Finishing touch accessories are non-negotiable as well as adding texture to your ensemble. Try a long pretty scarf to instantly lift an autumnal color palette and our STELLARGIRL beanie with a fur pom to keep your head warm and your hair weather proof!
  • Chunky Lug Sole Boots, practical, comfortable and can be worn with trousers, denim, leggings, maxi dresses and mini skirts with tights. 💥
  • Cozy knit sweater whether is it a cardigan to layer over your transitional maxi dress or a statement cable knit over striped shirting with trousers, it offers laid back chicness only a statement sweater can provide
  • Slouchy Shoulder bag is a must to carry our extra essentials like gloves, an umbrella, water bottle or coffee thermos. So having more storage is vital!
  • Wide leg pants, as skinny jeans are taking their retirement this fall, transition to an ultra relaxed shape for your denim and your trousers. They are the most flattering when they are high waisted and perfection with a cropped leather jacket or a long button down cardigan
  • Long Statement Coat is the most versatile piece in your closet. And the best part is that anything goes, so invest in one that fits your lifestyle. A luxe capacious wool coat, a sleek tailored neutral toned beauty, a shearling coat is key to a capsule closet, or a 3/4 length puffer with perfect hood to brave the weather

Teri packing for Aspen

When you travel for work and play, preparing and packing can be stressful. Here are a few tips to “lighten the load”.

Developing a pre-travel routine means you can stress less and ensure you are ready to take off.

🧳 2 days before your trip check the weather for your destination and plan ahead. Try on your outfits complete with footwear, handbags and accessories. Lay them out.
🧴Organize your toiletries, make sure your travel size bottles are full and re-fill q-tips, cotton toner pads and medications.
💻 Load your iPad with a new series or movies.
🐶 If you have pets, prepare their food, toys, blankets for the dog sitter or daycare.
📲 Back up your devices to the cloud and charge your portable chargers.
🪴 Water your plants.
💵 Get some cash for tipping, bring some $5s, $10s and $20s.
👖The night before, pack your suitcase, use packing cubes and hanging bags.
💦 Drink more water than normal, travel is dehydrating.
🥪 Make and pack a sandwich of choice, (my fav is a peanut butter & banana). It’s always good to have some fuel to take with you.
🧣 Bring a shawl in your carry on or purse, planes are often chilly.
💤 Get a good night’s rest before you travel, put your mind at ease to know you are organized and ready to go!

Stellarguide tips for the week

You may be dealing with a minor or a major time change so post-travel recovery is imperative to get you back in sync with your healthy home routine. You also may be dealing with exhaustion, digestive issues or an imbalanced immune system, so in order to re-bound, take 24-48 hours to do the following:
  • Unpack. Yes, I know everyone dislikes it but don’t procrastinate. Separate your laundry, dry cleaning and get the contents of your suitcase organized and put away.
  • Pick up groceries so that your fridge is full of healthy choices.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink 4-5 liters of water to flush out your system. Traveling is extremely dehydrating.
  • Clean your makeup brushes, exfoliate your face and apply a hydrating face mask the first night back. Take a hot then a cold shower to rejuvenate and circulate your cells.  If you dry brush, (I highly recommend it) do that after you shower before massaging body oil into your skin.
  • Elevate your legs up on the wall for 20 minutes before you go to bed to decrease inflammation and increase relaxation.
  • Oxygenate. Go for a 2-4 mile brisk walk outside the next morning.
  • Blast your immune system with Vitamin C packs in your water and don’t forget your probiotics. Take 2-3 magnesium tablets before bed to flush out your digestive tract.
  • Rest, show your body grace, if you can take a nap, take one, if you can get to bed by 9pm do it! It is the best recovery!

Wondering how to maximize your potential and start viewing your health promoting behaviors as priorities and not punishments? Read on. It is common to say, “I don’t have time”, “it’s too hard”, “it’s too expensive”…all of those are excuses and by simply shifting your perspective and your thought process to positive, purposeful promotion can be life changing.

  • Moving you body daily, working out 5 plus days a week is a blessing, an opportunity to optimized health. Not everyone is physically able to move their bodies so going to a gym, working out at home on an app, walking 3-4 miles a day, stretching during your kids outdoor sporting events instead of sitting in a lawn chair, or while you are watching TV is movement you GET to do. It is a gift not a punishment.  Get it in anytime, anywhere. It is a privilege.
  • Eating healthy is not expensive. Eating junk, processed fast foods is punishing yourself. It is not the answer. Don’t shop in the “dead” aisles in the grocery store. Alternatives to “cheap” drive throughs are apples with nut butter, eggs, avocados on fresh sourdough, almonds, every single vegetable is not more expensive than a $3.00 box of mac and cheese. A meal is an opportunity to nourish your body and brain properly. Don’t think healthy is expensive, it is not true.
  • Getting more sleep reduces stress, optimizes your hormones, gives your body what it needs to perform the next day at 100%. Stop scrolling, start sleeping!

We have unlimited information to begin improving our health. Being accountable to yourself is powerful. Making excuses is powerless. Shift into that STELLAR mindset. Focus on building your lifestyle that will last your lifetime!!!

Amp up your exercise routine and get ready for the sunshine & outdoor activities! I am always switching up my workouts. It’s the only way my body effectively changes and reduces any boredom that may have set in during the colder months. I am always a huge proponent in suggesting movement that YOU love. Summer brings out the best in outdoor exercise & activities!
⏰Time to workout at least once a day. In addition to your workout try to get a brisk walk in outside after lunch and after dinner too even if it’s 5-10 minutes.
🚲 If you have kids, go for a bike ride after school or dinner, it’s good family time and after being inside all day everyone needs fresh air and exercise.
🙆‍♀️ Stretch whenever possible. It is something most people neglect. If you are watching a show at night, or even while on a phone call during your work day, put it on speaker or in your earbuds and stretch.
⚕️Its proven over and over again that exercise, especially outside, improves not only heart health but mental health. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression and improves mood. 🤗
🥵 Sweat, yes sweat, get that heart rate up! It is crucial to burning fat, reducing toxins and improves overall well-being. I love HIIT (high intensity workout training). I try to get at least 2-3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts in a week.
🎾⛳️ Try something new like tennis or golf, schedule a lesson with a girlfriend…even better!
🥾 Find some hiking trails near you and get out in nature.
🏊🏽‍♀️ Swimming or water/pool workouts are low impact movements and excellent exercise.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Yoga in the park, grab a blanket, an app and flow away under the trees & sky.

Your options are endless, being sedentary isn’t one of them! You can work around an injury, you can always find 10-15 minutes a day, if you are exhausted ask yourself why, maybe movement is your medicine. Happy sweating! ☀️

Stellarguide header image with Teri working out

How to keep consistent with your workouts while traveling

My professional and pleasure travel schedule is crazy these next three months. I am away more than I am home is seems. European spring break trip with the 4 kids this week; spring skiing in Aspen; an epic experience with our dads to the Masters in Augusta, GA; off to Austin, TX to prepare for the launch of STELLARGIRL Sparkling; Coachella with my girlfriend in April to promote SG, and the Kentucky Derby (bucket list weekend) with my man in May. And more to follow after that!😀
Here are my tips to stay active while travelling ✈️

🎧Put on your favorite podcast or playlist and walk the airport. Even if you have 30 minutes before boarding, don’t sit. You do that enough on the plane, so don’t stay at the gate or in the lounge, walk it out.

🏨Walk the stairs in your hotel. I always find the staircase. Even if your hotel is on a high floor, take the stairs when you can.
👟Pack good walking shoes. The best way to explore a new city is to walk or rent a bike. Move your body if you can, especially after a meal.
🛝Find a park close to your hotel and find a bench. Do elevated push ups, step ups, tricep dips & sitting knee tucks. Try 4 rounds/ 20 reps of each exercise, and before you know it you are breaking a sweat. Walk to grab your latte and slay your day!
⏳If you don’t have any time to go to the hotel gym, try a 15-minute HIIT or Tabata workout in your hotel room in the morning before you get ready for your day. Pick 10 exercises to elevate your heart rate. Repeat them twice. You can get a free gym-boss interval timer on your phone and set it for 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Do as many reps as you can, go all out for 30 seconds on, and rest for 15 seconds. My go-to faves for a limited space are; jumping jacks, high knees, squat jumps, burpees, push ups, v-ups, mountain climbers, sumo squat pulses, plank thrusters, plank marches.
🧘🏻‍♀️Stretch for 10 minutes or elevate your legs up on the bed frame before bed.
Consistency is 🔑

Happy Travels 🧳

Women with her back to the camera

I would like to introduce a new routine I’ve incorporated into my “daily”. Cold showers….yes, it may not sound pleasant but the ideal way to take a cold shower is to ease in to the habit.

Start by slowly lowering the temperature at the end of a usual warm/hot shower. Get the water cold enough that you start to feel uncomfortable. Then, stay underneath the water for 30 seconds to start and ease into increasing it to 45 seconds, one minute, 2 minutes and eventually 3 minutes by the end of 2 weeks. Breathing deeply will help decrease your discomfort in your mind. After two weeks of doing this exercise, make the water slightly colder.

Benefits of having a cold shower or ending your warm shower with 2-3 minutes of cold chill time are incredible for our overall health, it is easy to do, it doesn’t cost anything and here is why I have been implementing cold therapy…

  • Wakes you up, when that cold spray hits your body, there’s a bit of shock. This shock increases oxygen intake, heart rate, alertness.
  • Increases endorphins, if you suffer from mild seasonal depression, cold showers can work as a kind of gentle “shock” therapy. The cold water sends many electrical impulses to your brain. They jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins, which are sometimes called happiness hormones, are also released. This effect lasts into your day!
  • Increasing blood flow circulation which is always health savvy.
  • Decreases inflammation in the body, athletes have been cold plunging for decades.
  • Reduces muscle soreness post-workout.
  • It can calm itchy skin.
  • Potentially boosting weight loss as it increases your metabolism but going from hot to cold.
  • Glowing hair and skin… cold water closes pores and seals the cuticle in your hair. Cold water, unlike hot water, doesn’t dry out the sebum layer, a naturally lubricated barrier that provides protection for your skin and hair so you may experience more luxuriant hair.
Can’t hurt to try! 🚿 Let me know if meet or beat 3 minutes ( or DM me @stellargirlofficial

Sometimes the wintery gloomy weather can take a toll on your mood. Here are some quick fixes to defeat a “doomy” day!

For instant pick me up’s…

🕯Light a candle & have a 🛁 bubble bath, relax for 20 minutes & rinse the day away.

💅 Get your nails done, seriously, if you don’t already get regular manicures, it is a quick pick me up.

🎨 Put on some color, a vibrant green or sunny yellow are my go-to colors! If you are committed to an all-black wardrobe or cool neutrals, add a vibrant scarf, colorful sneakers, or an electric blue coat or bag.

🎶 Pick up your bestie, blare your favorite song, and sing at the top of your lungs! Not kidding, try it you will be laughing at yourself before you know it. A good tune always puts you in a brighter mood. Music is magic like that.

☕️ Have a cup of coffee with a friend, it’s important to catch up in person, and what’s better than a coffee bar with a comfy couch and a cool girlfriend!  It’s the world’s most popular drink for a reason! The caffeine and chlorogenic acid boosts your energy.

Even if it’s late, or I am extremely tired I swear I do this pose for 10-20 minutes every night before I go to sleep…I elevate my legs up on a wall or the back of the bed frame because it honestly improves my sleep. Here are the therapeutic benefits.

❤️‍🩹relaxes your heart rate, sometimes I meditate during this time or I just put my phone away and listen to music
💤improves the quality of your sleep
🤕it can help reduce headaches & back pain
⨐ improves circulation
👣reduces inflammation in your ankles and legs, relieves tension & fatigue your feet & even the hips
😌calms the mind, the nervous system, lowers stress and anxiety

Give it a try! Trust me!


31 days until 2023 and I say “why wait” until January to start new healthy habits?

“They” say it takes 21 days create a habit, so we have time.  Here are a few hacks to rethink the way you eat! I am on week 4 of tweaking my eating regimen and I know it works! I have wayyyyyy more energy because I have no glucose spikes therefore no mid-day crashing, I do not crave sweets and I have decreased inflammation and bloating in my tummy.

🍌eat your bananas don’t blend them. Blending them breaks down insoluble fiber. We always need all the fiber we can get gals. Use blueberries or other fruit in your protein smoothies
🥑after your green juice in the morning, have a savory breakfast 30 minutes later, like eggs and avocados instead of a sweet smootie (save your sweet protein smoothies for a snack)
🥗always, yes always eat veggies FIRST at every meal. Eat in this order, all your vegetable first, then your all of your protein then your carbs last. It is key for your digestion. I used to eat in a circle, a bite of this, a bite of that. Now, I eat every vegetables on my plate before anything else
🚶🏻‍♀️walk for 5 to 10 minutes after every meal. Don’t just sit. If you can get outside, that’s great, but just walk around your house, go up and down the stairs, tidy up, maybe do laundry, take a call but walk and talk or use your muscles in another way like stretching 🙆‍♀️
🍎if you are able to have one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass a water 10 minutes before lunch or dinner. Try doing it once a day, increase to two on the days you eat your meals at home.

Eating this way now will prepare your mind and body for the holiday season and create a healthier eating lifestyle.

It’s always been you 

The most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself. Why is it the one we work on the least?

We seem to work on all other relationships first; with our partners, kids, friends, colleagues…we work so hard trying to “fix” our marriages, our teenagers, perhaps work issues…we carve out time for everybody else first before ourselves, we want and crave love from others but we don’t always love ourselves.

We have fights and we say sorry to others but don’t forgive ourselves. We walk into a room and we greet our friends with hugs and smiles and huge hellos but we don’t show up for ourselves with that same type of love and effort. We constantly check in with our friends and family to make sure they are doing well but we don’t give ourselves the same grace.

When was the last time you asked yourself “What do I need?”. When was the last time you woke up and looked in the mirror and greeted yourself with a smile and said “I love you” to yourself in the mirror? We say it to our spouse, our kids, our parents, our friends but what about you? What would happen if you choose you? What if you put all that energy towards helping and loving yourself before anyone else?

It’s not easy but when the fierce self-love state of mind shift happens it’s beautiful and freeing.

Show up for yourself every day. Even if it’s for micro minutes of time throughout the day. For me, it’s 10 minutes of coffee alone with a quick outdoor grounding barefoot session; maybe some days it’s an hour of exercise; some days it’s listening to a podcast and learning something new, every day is different. Celebrate your smallest achievements every day.
Ask yourself what YOU need today.

Start today by giving the most important relationship you will ever have the love, respect, time, and care it needs. Start loving and self-celebrating YOU!

That’s the STELLARGIRL state of mind

Stellarguide Header image - little heart fairy lights

Grab a small group of your closest friends, and prove that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers.

♥️Have a pajama party-sit around the fire place, watch rom-coms, drink champagne or hot chocolate and catch up with your besties, add a fondue tray with cheese, bread, veggies and/or chocolate with fruit.

♥️Brunch or dinner with a galentine gift exchange, like secret santa with with your stellargirl-friends.

♥️Make-over day, one of your make- up savvy girlfriends can teach you how to apply a cat-eye smudge free or your hair guru gal can show you how to do an updo or those beach waves you have been trying to perfect.

♥️Clothing swap, everyone bring over a suitcase full of clothes they are not wearing and swap with your girlfriends, don’t forget shoes & accessories!

♥️ Grab a latte and take a walk on the beach or lake side and if you aren’t near a body of water, take a trail walk or hike. You will get some movement in while catching up with your besties.

Meet Teri, Teri is standing by a desk


Call it goals, new systems, resolutions, healthy habits, STELLARGIRL’s Guide is here to sparkle up your life & elevate your wellness, mindset, style & adventure! Here are a few tips to achieve fierce self love, celebrate your successes, and talk about your ambition this new year.

✨Create a vision board. It’s yours so make it bold, dream big but also sprinkle in some achievable wins so you feel accomplished in the short term.
✨Start a “Bright Ideas” journal. Keep it handy, jot down your ideas and then talk about them. Saying them out loud to someone makes you even more accountable.
✨Clean out your closets, kitchen drawers, pantry, fridge etc. Purge what no longer serves you.
✨Always give back, find time during the year (at least once a month) to volunteer, mentor, assist or serve others.
✨Once a day add in a self-celebration practice, it’s the STELLARGIRL way.

Clap out loud for yourself when no one is watching after you completed a kick-ass workout.

Grab a latte when you crossed everything off your to-do list.

Pick yourself up some flowers while grocery shopping or after a long walk just to make you smile.

Turn on a podcast 🎧 like “The Dream Bigger Podcast” with Sifhat Haider to learn something new every day.

Write yourself a love letter ♥️at the end of the day.


The Holiday season is a time filled with giving, magic and wonder but for so many of us it’s becoming more stressful, crazed and draining time of the year.


🎉Book only one party per weekend, don’t RSVP yes to Friday and Saturday starting nowTake one of the those evenings or days to get shopping, cooking/baking done to freeze for Holiday celebrations

🥘If you are hosting a holiday meal,  send out a group text or email with a list of what others are responsible for. Be very specific. Do not ask what every one wants to bring.  Delegate efficiently. Assign a dish, a dessert, an appetizer to another friend or family member.

🎁Reserve a day or evening for wrapping gifts but make it fun!
Light candles, drink some wine or champagne, put on a movie, have the fireplace on, and set up the wrapping, ribbon, tape, tags and scissors out on a the kitchen table and have you and your partner or bestie enjoy the process instead of wrapping last minute

💫Focus on making memories and have gratitude for all that surrounds you, remember the time you all get to spend together and don’t stress about the mess.

🤗Your kids, family & friends don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom. If you are not a mom, your guests want a happy host not a stressed one!

As we are in the busiest time of the year for businesses in Q4, holiday events, parties and festivities, remember to prioritize your sleep routine at least 4-6 times a week. Here are some “unwind from your day” ways to prepare for a good night sleep 💤

🫖drink a cup of herbal tea an hour before bed
🛁take a 20 minute bath, perhaps light a candle & enjoy your tea while soaking your body in a eucalyptus bath bomb or oil
🧴have a good evening skin care routine
🌫spray lavender mist on your pillow or in your bedroom
👓use blue light glasses if you are on your computer or phone in the evening,  til 9/10ish, then try to get off all devices
💊take a magnesium supplement
🧘🏻‍♀️stretch or do yoga for 10 minutes and take at least 5 long deep breaths
📵stop scrolling & silence your phone 30 minutes before bed
⏰set one alarm and wake up to it, hitting snooze it the first worst decision of your day!
⼉ legs up on a wall or the back of your bed frame for 10-20 minutes while you read or calm your mind before hitting the pillow. reflect on what you did accomplish & all the positive moments of the day – big or small
🛏 aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, 8 would be ideal!

You will awake more refreshed and ready for your day!

Stellarguide Mindset header

Teri standing in a door way with her back to the camera

1) Your mindset needs to be functioning at an elevated level. You need to strengthen your brain and your subconscious thoughts. Think of your biceps, if you want stronger biceps, you need to workout and lift weights; simple. Same thing goes for the brain, it is a “muscle” that you need to exercise. You need to work on changing it and you need to actually do the work; aka “heavy lifting/mind strengthening”. It won’t happen overnight. The way you “see” yourself and talk to yourself on the daily, the way you wake up in the morning the way you set yourself up for success everyday need to be positive. If you constantly compare yourself to others, complain, talk negatively, you will not be living with an elevated, productive mindset. What your brain consumes is also just as important. Are you consuming “junk”, like always watching reality tv, mindlessly scrolling social media or surrounding yourself with energy depleting people? Or are you reading, learning, listening to inspirational /educational podcasts and surrounding yourself with people who will champion you and want you to succeed? The choice is yours. Remove the “junk” and replace it with joyful brain fuel.

2) Movement. I cannot stress this one enough. If you are not moving your body every single day you will not live a long, healthy life. There is no such thing as a day off from movement. You don’t have to run 10K or go to the gym every day but you do have to move every single day. You need to walk for 10 minutes after every meal, you need to stretch everyday and you need to get off the couch and find a hobby that is active. It could be bowling, table tennis, something that is not sedentary. The most healthy people in the world walk every day. Be grateful to be able to move your body. For those who cannot walk, you can still move the muscles you are able. Our bodies are meant to move. Movement is medicine. We live in a society that is not built around “health care” it is built around “sick care”. It is unfortunate. So, with daily movement and removing the “dead food/processed” food in your diet, your longevity with improve tremendously.

3) Here comes the magic. True fact, there is no “magic pill” to fix anything quick but everyone has this “magic” or “super-power” within themselves and once they tap into it, their possibilities for a fulfilled life are endless. Find your passion, your purpose, your “magic”; if you find what illuminates your soul and do that every day you will lead the most meaningful, magical life full of joy, hope and happiness. If you level up your mindset, if you move your body, if you choose you then there is nothing holding you back. If you live in the hopeless mentality you will stay there, If you are leading a life that is 1% better than the day before you are winning. You are creating magic.


This Is What Happens When You Give Yourself More Love and Learn How to Self-Celebrate

The key to unlocking your greatness is self love. The term itself should be self-explanatory but it is deeper than that. It is an appreciation for oneself and self-acceptance, it is a dedication to one’s well-being. It changes your life, it affects your relationships and literally determines your success and happiness.

🫶 Self-love for mental health. There is a common saying “Comparison is the thief of joy”. If you are constantly looking at others and wanting what they have you will never be happy. Everyone has their own special gifts, talents, and passions. Truly appreciate yours. There is only one you, you have the choice every single day to create your own experiences and story. That’s something worth celebrating!
🫶 Self-love mantra. If you talk down to yourself about how you look, how you are not “enough” or hate something” about yourself, Your subconscious starts to believe the negative self talk. Say out loud every day what you love about yourself. Your brain energy will shift.
🫶 Self-love for physical health. Find a type of exercise that you truly enjoy. Anything that gets you moving, your heart pumping and makes you feel good is always worth your time. Clap it up for yourself when you are done, no one is watching, if you can’t celebrate a daily accomplishment then how can you support others if you are not of yourself proud too?
🫶 Self-nourishment. Eat right, drink a lot of water, eat clean, and don’t eat “dead food”.Try to consume organic meat and produce. No processed food. It is junk and if you love yourself you will not put trash into your body, If you have an extremely busy life there are meal subscription boxes that take the guesswork out of meal planning and food waste.
🫶 Self-giving. Practice gratitude. It is so easy to complain about all the things or relationships you don’t have. Be grateful for what you do have. It’s easy to lose sight of all the amazing things in our lives. There is no wrong way to be grateful or to give back to your community or to a cause you are passionate about.
🫶 Self-forgiveness. This is necessary to achieve your full potential but it is so necessary to forgive yourself. We have all spiraled, we have all failed and we will continue to make mistakes. If you forgive and learn and from them, there is a weight that is lifted when you let go and forgive.
Self love pushes you to take care of your own needs. The more you love you, the more your doubt changes to freedom, You will develop into the person you strive to be. You’ll celebrate the beauty and freedom of being true to you and you will gain a deep love from within and that is worth STELLARBRATING!

Bunch of Multi-Colored Tulips

STELLARGIRL is a mindset, wellness, style, travel & guide; a daily self-celebration practice where we celebrate our wins, own our worth and inspire others to do the same. Here are some ways to celebrate YOU every day! Self-admiration habits which will set you up for success every single day!

😊Smile as soon as you wake up, I swear it sets the tone for your day!
🛏Before your feet hit the floor, say out-loud “today is going to be….” add whatever positive word to fill in the blank, amazing, productive, busy, fun filled, etc.
🧘🏻‍♀️Stretch, exercise, walk, workout. Movement is key.
🚿Take a cool/cold shower or at least end with 1 minute of cold water.
🧴Put on your STELLARGIRL glimmer lotion.

👗Dress up and get ready.
📝Write yourself a love letter.
🤳Take a selfie and don’t edit it.
📞 Call a friend and check in, don’t text.
🚲Move your body every few hours if you can. 
💦Drink a gallon of water daily.
🧋Get a mid-day latte & cheers to your own company.
📷Organize your photos in albums, or clean out your space/closet/a drawer at a time.
🎶Organize your music on your phone into playlists.
🌎Plan your next adventure or vacation, it will give you something to look forward to.
💤 Elevate your legs against the wall for 10-15minutes and try to go to bed around 9:30/10 and put away your phone.

Stellargirl Sparkling

Living in the ebb & flow of life!

Try to stop stressing and being overwhelmed!  You can’t fix everything, and you can’t control anything.
The only thing you can fix is staring at you in the mirror. The only things you can control are your reactions.
If you start with yourself, take responsibility of your health, your happiness, your loved ones, healing past traumas to look towards your success in whatever that means to you, you will be living a full, stellar life.💫

🪞When you better yourself, you can better those around you. Start with a smile, you will make your world more beautiful.
💤If you prioritize sleep and rest you will have more energy to make more of an impact in your daily and those around you.
🤭if you laugh more, you won’t sweat the small stuff as much! Try smiling when you talk on the phone or when you are speaking to someone. Your positive attitude will inspire others!
🤗Have fun, when was the last time you let go, enjoyed those around you, made plans with girlfriends or took your kids or yourself to the park and sat on a swing?
😅Sweat every day, we are not meant to be sedentary, move your body every 90 minutes and exercise first thing in the morning.
🎊Celebrate the small daily successes, you win every day you don’t realize it!

Someone walking on a tree stump barefoot

Mediocracy has left the building! Only you have the power to control your thoughts, your words and your actions. So ask yourself why you would be okay with being “just okay”? Nothing changes if you don’t change it.Try these easy, free tips to shift from an “okay” day to a “stellar” day🤩

💫 Do something hard first thing in the morning. Take a 2 minute cold shower, hustle during your workout until you drip sweat, or continue your fast until noon. One win leads to many wins throughout the day!
💫Limit non-work social media scrolling to 30 minutes a day.
💫Vent about JOY not about problems.
💫Smile when you talk. Seriously, try it. It automatically changes your intonation & sets the tone for a more productive meeting or conversation.
💫On a work day, get outside every 2 hours for 10-15 minutes a time. Walk barefoot on the grass, the ground or even the snow. Grounding to nature is healing for the body and the brain. Connecting to the earth’s energy rejuvenates our soul. So much of our days are spent indoors, in our cars and in our shoes, get outside and reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth. 🌎

Let me know if you implement this into your day, send me an email at or slide into my dms. @stellargirlofficial. I would love to share your slay!

Image of Teri smiling and drinking tea

Mediocracy has left the building! Only you have the power to control your thoughts, your words and your actions. So ask yourself why you would be okay with being “just okay”? Nothing changes if you don’t change it.Try these easy, free tips to shift from an “okay” day to a “stellar” day🤩

💫 Do something hard first thing in the morning. Take a 2 minute cold shower, hustle during your workout until you drip sweat, or continue your fast until noon. One win leads to many wins throughout the day!
💫Limit non-work social media scrolling to 30 minutes a day.
💫Vent about JOY not about problems.
💫Smile when you talk. Seriously, try it. It automatically changes your intonation & sets the tone for a more productive meeting or conversation.
💫On a work day, get outside every 2 hours for 10-15 minutes a time. Walk barefoot on the grass, the ground or even the snow. Grounding to nature is healing for the body and the brain. Connecting to the earth’s energy rejuvenates our soul. So much of our days are spent indoors, in our cars and in our shoes, get outside and reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth. 🌎

Let me know if you implement this into your day, send me an email at or slide into my dms. @stellargirlofficial. I would love to share your slay!

I often write about “doing all the things” like getting enough sleep, water with lemon in the morning, the importance of fresh air & a walk as soon as you can, non-negotiable exercise and moving your body everyday, making healthy food choices… But what I would like to focus on is “mindset & heart-set” health.

🤗 Take responsibility for your life, it is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.
⏰ There are 1440 minutes in a day, use them wisely and spend time with those who elevate you and reciprocate your energy.
🎧 Grow & learn with educational and inspirational podcasts.
📖 Read more or escape with an audio book over watching Netflix.
⏳ Spend time with people and not your phone.
🌠 You are limitless, mediocrity is not an option in any aspect of your life.
♥️ Smile when you speak, listen to how your intonation shifts  – your voice is full of kindness and positivity.
❤️‍🩹 Happiness is directly related to mindset & peace of mind is priceless. prioritize yourself.