Stellargirls, My sacred secret relationship. Whenever I go to “order again” on my amazon app, I never think perhaps I should change up my signature scent, try something new, check out the best sellers. Nope, not a chance in h@#.  I’ve read enough fashion magazines to smear the paper sample from the ad pages over... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, I have a fashion crush…... I am obsessed with maxi skirts. My obsession began in ballet class when I was five. The students had to wear tights, a leotard, and a stiff itchy pink tutu, but my ballet mistress always wore a long, beautiful, flowy black wrap skirt. Her skirt cascaded when she gracefully... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, Style isn’t just in the way we dress, it’s how you walk, talk and show who and what you are. Your style also shows through how you decorate your home, your office or what type of car or bike you have. Stellargirl style speaks volumes without words, your clothes call to you and  make you... Continue reading →

Dear Stellargirls, A piece of clothing tells a story when you can revisit the place where you found it just by putting it on or pulling out of your closet. When I travel, I purposefully seek out locally owned boutiques so that whenever I put on that piece of jewelry from Dubai, my favorite sundress…

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