Stellargirls, What does that mean? For me it is knowing what makes my heart healthy and my mind calm. I need a good sweat. Exercise is my anchor and I found that starting my day with it supports my emotional muscle.  I prefer HIIT training or bootcamp over a 10K run but that’s exactly why... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, Change up your workout, keep your body guessing with this Stellargirl strong Hour of Power! Here is a simple way to start. Download the gymboss app. Set the timer for 40 seconds / 20 seconds. It will beep so you don’t have to check a watch or your phone. If you prefer the... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, As a business owner, mom of four, and a woman who travels every week for work, I always make time for fitness. Our bodies are meant to move! It is proven that daily exercise reduces stress, improves sleep, and helps us live longer. Who wouldn’t want to be in a stellar mood? To... Continue reading →

Dear Stellargirls, Stellargirls soar!  Our attitude towards genuine wellness is a happy, healthy, and confident self. We live out our quest by being active, fitting into our own mold, and looking beyond what popular culture deems as “perfect.” Stellargirls thrive with vitality because we eat smart (but who doesn’t love a little chocolate?!), and we…

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