Do you have the Wanderlust bug? There is something stellar about taking a road trip with your girlfriends: those late-night chats, blasting the words to your favorite songs (in tune or not), dancing in circles with your arms in the air, swapping clothes, and sharing random thoughts and sacred secrets. There is also something special... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, Totally take a microvacation. You will be surprised how much you can do with 48-72 hours. Many of us can’t take off work or get away without the kids for a longer period of time, but with a mini-vaca, you can rejuvenate and escape! Choose your next one as soon as you get... Continue reading →

Dear Stellargirls, Travel is a big part of my life and through Stellargirl we all have the opportunity to share those experiences with each other as we explore new cities and countries! I believe travel is truly a great unifier; an act that allows us to take on new views and perspectives. I want to…

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