I was at a leadership course over a decade ago and was given a piece of paper and pencil and asked to simply write down the 5 most important things in my life. #1 being the most important and then #2 etc.  After about 5 minutes we were asked to share our answers with the... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, Our Glimmer Lotion is scientifically linked to optimism, happiness and positivity! Yay! A quote from SHAPE magazine Dec 2020 “Glitter makeup is fun and flattering, and you're actually programmed to be attracted to it, according to the journal Ecological Psychology. Humans subconsciously associate things that sparkle with water, which shimmers in the light and... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, Every Thanksgiving is about being thankful and grateful for all our blessings in life. Our friends, family, pets, our health and happiness should never be taken for granted. As we continue to be affected by the pandemic and confusion over celebrating with our own household or having big family gathering, we should still celebrate... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, I know that everybody and every body is different. But here is what works for me. I am a creature of habit. Every single morning, I wake up drink at least a cup of water before my mug of coffee. Now, I know it should be warm water with lemon but let’s face... Continue reading →
Dear Stellargirls, Totally take a microvacation. You will be surprised how much you can do with 48-72 hours. Many of us can’t take off work or get away without the kids for a longer period of time, but with a mini-vaca, you can rejuvenate and escape! Choose your next one as soon as you get... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, My sacred secret relationship. Whenever I go to “order again” on my amazon app, I never think perhaps I should change up my signature scent, try something new, check out the best sellers. Nope, not a chance in h@#.  I’ve read enough fashion magazines to smear the paper sample from the ad pages over... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, What does that mean? For me it is knowing what makes my heart healthy and my mind calm. I need a good sweat. Exercise is my anchor and I found that starting my day with it supports my emotional muscle.  I prefer HIIT training or bootcamp over a 10K run but that’s exactly why... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, I love to eat. But do you really know what you are putting into our bodies? I don’t count calories nor follow Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Raw eating regimens. I eat as clean as I can. So somedays I eat chicken and salad, sometimes a bacon, egg, avocado... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, I have a fashion crush…... I am obsessed with maxi skirts. My obsession began in ballet class when I was five. The students had to wear tights, a leotard, and a stiff itchy pink tutu, but my ballet mistress always wore a long, beautiful, flowy black wrap skirt. Her skirt cascaded when she gracefully... Continue reading →
Stellargirls, I am definitely no “skinfluencer” that is for sure.  I grew up using Sea Breeze toner, yes that really “dates” me but it’s not as crazy as when my friends and I applied baby oil to our skin and laid out on the grass with tinfoil taped to cardboard to get the best reflection... Continue reading →